Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 on 14 of 1-14

Each month we have a family post that correlates to the date.  For example in 2011, when the tradition began, each member of the family took a picture of what they were doing on the 11th of the month.  Each month's post that year (theoretically) had 11 pictures in it.  In 2012, each member in the family took a picture on the 12th of each month and each month's post (theoretically) had 12 pictures in it. 

Now, here we are to 2014 . . . and (theoretically) there will be 14 pictures on the 14th of each month (but realistically, there will be more like 12 or 17 pictures).

January 14th . . . 

Grace: See all this? It's my deal of the day. I went into bareMinerals
today for a makeup brush I was planning on spending $28 on.
Instead, I found this hole box of goodies for $34 INCLUDING the same exact brush!

Abe:  Lovely Ft. Irwin, CA

Zeph:  Zeph and Joe at the Atlanta aquarium yesterday.
(I'm sending yesterday's picture because Zeph was a giant grump monster today.)

Joe:  Ande has been happy to finally be in our own house and making dinner.
I enjoy the spoils.
Tonight it was steak (courtesy of Cactus Cal), pesto and tomato pasta, and burrata

Ande: The closed door to Zeph's room while he sleeps.
Goodnight and good riddance!

Calvin:  Finally, to eat real food again.

Calvin:  "You know it's serious business when I get my bow bible out."  
(Jane speaking here, Calvin's getting ready to make a bunch of bows again.)

Jane:  I keep telling Calvin what a lucky man he is to have me for his wife.

Ty: I'm doing some ground ops for my pattern solo flight.

Michelle: It's 9pm, I just got home from a meeting, and I still have
this to tackle tonight.
Addendum: I'm not dealing with the aforementioned things tonight.
I'm going to bed.

Afton: eating a PB&N (Nutella). Her favorite kind of sandwich.
On the counter, one of her favorite places to be.

Eliza: on her hippo--one of her favorite places to be.
Also, Afton was told to go give Eliza the toy.
From the other room, I heard a struggle and then eventually an "I did it!"
Can you spot the toy?  (Hint.  It's a teething ring.)

Levin - I put the puzzle together all by myself

Atlas:  I'm reading a book . . . all by myself

Cali:  It took me two years to organize this stuff.
Now, nobody play with it and mess it up.


Jill said...

I love these posts!

Calvin IS lucky to have you for a wife!

I love Cali's organizing system and hope the kids will cooperate with her so that it will continue to look so nice.

eleanor erickson said...

This is such a wonderful idea!! And I seriously love the tractor photo. Balance AND a great sense of humor :)

Ande said...

I LOVE these posts! Thanks for doing them. It's so fun to catch glimpses of everyone's everyday.

melanie said...

I can't believe this is going to be your fourth year of these posts. How great! Big high five for participation Payne Family!

Cali is funny. I LOVE the tiny grocery cart. Can we at least play with that??

Melinda said...

I love the whole family post. It's fun to see how big the babies are getting.

That picture of the wife on the back of the tractor is hilarious!

Becky said...

These posts always make me happy! You are so good at keeping traditions going, Jane! Wouldn't it be fun to put all these pictures into a book?!

Becky said...

These posts always make me happy! You are so good at keeping traditions going, Jane! Wouldn't it be fun to put all these pictures into a book?!

Heather Williams said...

Jane, you must tell Cali how much I am ooooing over her organization skills! Is there any possible way you could ask her where she found that shelf? I'm thinking IKEA and all those organizing buckets and such? Could she email me? hgwilliams06@gmail.com

I LOVE this idea!

Miss you!