Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life in Our World

A week ago, Cali and Grace’s good friend, Jaimie, hosted a baby shower for Grace. It was such a fun party.  Jamie was in charge of the decorations, Cali was in charge of the food, and they both did the party favors. People are so very generous and many came to celebrate with Grace. Baby Payne is only four weeks away. Abe is away on training for the next month, but his commanding officer said he would do everything in his power to get him home for the birth. I’m hoping his commanding officer’s power is mighty.

Abe, Brett Bergeson, Dayna Bergeson

Dayna Bergeson, a good friend of ours is going to the Philippines on a mission. Since Abe served his mission there, he offered to fix her Filipino food to help her prepare. Other good friends of ours, Babette and Barbra, a mother and daughter from the Philippines, also came and brought food. Barbra even brought balut, boiled duck embryos that are a common street food in the Philippines.

We met at the Bergesons and had a great evening eating Filipino food and talking about the culture, customs, and expectations. Abe’s mission was an incredible experience for him and he talks about the people with such gentleness, sincerity, and love. Dayna’s dad, Brett, was Abe’s young men’s leader and helped him prepare to serve his mission.  This picture captures that circle.

Some mornings when I have been very tired, I have daydreamed, “Oh, to have a sick day where I would be forced to lie in bed all day. I could sleep and read. How I wish for just one day where I could call in sick.”

It finally came and I shall never wish for another. Contrary to my imagination, you don’t sleep and read. You lie there groaning and aching. It is a miserable experience. You get shriveled from taking so many showers trying to get warm, and the bed becomes your enemy.

I even had company in my wish. Calvin came down with the flu first. He came home from work early shivering and shaking on Wednesday and by Thursday night I’d joined him.

At one point I was in a lot of pain. I asked Calvin if he would give me a Priesthood blessing. He pulled the chair over to the couch because he wasn’t strong enough to stand. He blessed that the sickness would leave and commanded it to depart. Shortly thereafter I gave a mighty heave then crawled into bed. Two hours later I woke up and the intense pain was gone. It was a sweet miracle.

For the last three days we have been pathetic. We paddle from the couch to the bed to the chair and whoever is feeling the strongest fixes toast and canned soup for the other one. Calvin said, “Jane, this is bad. This is what it’s going to be like in 20 years. The last one left standing will be the winner.”

I don’t know what they’re calling this strain of flu, but it needs a mean and nasty name like rhino, wolverine, or pirate.  Though it’ll be another day or two before we attempt public living, the fact that I’m blogging says that we’re mending.

A new Bible Video came out this week.  We love them and scroll through the list and watch them often, sometimes for family home evening, sometimes for scripture study, sometimes just because.  One of my favorites is the Savior being baptized.

How are you doing this week?


Janae said...

Oh I am sorry to hear you guys have been sick! What a bummer. :( I hear the flu is bad right now and are praying it doesn't come to visit my home as well! Any flue nicknamed Pirate would fly through my kids like wildfire, I just know it. ;) (since you know, they are fabulous at washing hands and non-important germ things like that!)

Much love and prayers from us to you -- and congrats on that grandbaby's expectant arrival! I think my due date and hers has got to be awfully close! YAY! :)

Love ya tons!

Jill said...

I'm so excited for Grace and Abe!

I often wish for sick days, but not the kind you're describing here! This sounds awful. I'm so glad you're on the mend.

Michelle said...

Here's hoping the rhino flu doesn't cross the Mississippi!

I need a sick day when I'm only just BARELY sick enough to stay home from work. Oh wait....

melanie said...

I sure hope you're back with the living now. Was it better to have sick company or would a healthy spouse been welcome during your confinement?

Kathy said...

So happy for Abe and Grace! I love the circle of love, Bergesons to Paynes, to Bergesons. Isn't that life! What goes around comes around.
So sorry you are sick (have been).
I had it for one day and OH, the moaning and groaning! I felt blessed for it to be so short lived, I know I was blessed!