Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thinking -

Last week when Levin and Atlas were here we built Levin a fort in the living room.  Calvin said every kid needs a fort.

The next day Levin put the laundry hamper on top of his fort and, obviously happy, said, "Look, I made a temple!"

The day after Levin made his temple, Cali (who was in San Diego) sent this picture of the San Diego temple. She, too, was happy.  She'd gone to the temple to serve and commented on how beautiful (both physically and spiritually) it was inside and out.

The pictures were timely.  Neither knew of the other's experience, but both saw the temple as a place of familiarity and desirability.   Levin's enthusiasm for his temple-fort was no less real than was Cali for her experience.

The contrast of Cali and Levin and their temples reminded me of something Neal A. Maxwell wrote:  "Our perfect Father does not expect us to be perfect children yet.  He had only one such child.  Meanwhile, sometimes with smudges on our cheeks, dirt on our hands, and shoes untied, stammering but smilingly we present God with a dandelion as if it were an orchid or rose! If for now the dandelion is the best we have to offer, he receives it, knowing what we may later place on the alter."

Mostly what I have to offer my Father in Heaven is two old blankets that don't match, and a clothes hamper. It's makeshift at best, but my heart is right.  I'm trying and He knows it and He accepts my efforts.  He knows I'll grow and learn and someday I'll be able to offer stained glass and marble after He's worked with me.  And that's a very comforting thought that I learned from Levin's temple-fort.


Deidra said...

Any church with a steeple is pointed out- "Look, a temple!"

Thanks for the reminder that the Lord is willing to work with what we have to offer. I needed that reminder today.

Amie said...

You are good for the soul. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Unknown said...

Thank you, my own dandelions look better to me already. I'm grateful that He has patience for late bloomer's :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Deidra, it's a reminder I need often.

Thank you Amie. I appreciate the compliment. Very much.

Unknown, I agree. I think it's a shame someone ever said that dandelions are a weed -- they're bright, prolific, edible . . . we should like them, shouldn't we?

melanie said...

Aime is so right.

I hiked today and kept my eye on the temple whenever it was in view. I'm grateful He accepts my makeshift efforts too. It's good to be loved.

Rachel said...

I love Levin's temple and your quote! I was just thinking how I'd like them to start building the Afton temple. Maybe I'll just build my own to look at. :o)