Monday, April 14, 2014

#Because of Him - 14 on the 14th of 4-2014

Because of Him, we can have an eternal family.  

Jane:  Holding Henry in the back yard on a perfect spring day.

Calvin:  standing with Phil who came to help with work equipment.
(Jane speaking here.  Phil has also become a good friend to Calvin.  It was
fun to have him eat supper, have family home evening, and spend the night
with us.  He helped me with one of my homework assignments as well.)

Abe:  Sorry this is so late and so lame, but here's my picture:
In Idaho doing a recon for training and this is my lovely hotel room.

Grace:  Enjoying a wonderful walk with wonderful company
while spending the week in Moses Lake while Abe's in Idaho.

Henry:  Loves giving good morning smiles.

Joe: this isn’t a picture, but it’s pretty close.  This is consuming all of our time right now.
We are staging the hospitality tent on the 18th green this year for the golf tournament in the area.
It’s a big deal, or so I’m told. it starts Thursday.

Ande:  But I don’t want to unload the groceries!

Zeph greeting me as I made numerous trips to and from the car.
His emphatic glass pounding and smiling made unloading groceries bearable.

Eliza: Enjoying sitting up now.

Michelle:  favorite meal to prepare….leftovers!

Ty: Having a modified picnic for family night in the garage (it’s been pouring all day today).

Afton: We learned about our bodies in family night.
We did lots of things with our bodies: clean and jerks, somersaults, squats,
pushups, rode bikes, and even a special “bum exercise” that Afton made up.

(This is where the Follett family pictures go.)

Because of Him we have a family . . . I am so grateful.


Rachel said...

I have the cutest grandnieces and nephews in the WORLD! Oh my goodness, each one is just the best. Where's my Levin and Atlas though? Jane, your picture is beautiful - and your company looks similar to cousin Bob.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Thank you Rachel!

Yes! I've told Calvin several times that Phil reminds me of Bob. I'm glad you saw the similarities too.