Sunday, April 13, 2014

#Because of Him - If I Had a Palm . . .

Palm Sunday.  What a kind way to start the Savior's last week on earth by allowing those who believed in Him to show their appreciation, devotion, and love while He was still with them.  

Had I been there laying palms in His path, one thing I would have made sure the Savior knew is how much I love Him for never losing sight of what is important.  Never.  He came with a purpose to redeem us, and while our eternity hung precariously in the balance, He didn't let us down.  He didn't get side-tracked.  He didn't worry about meeting His needs or conveniences first and then if there was enough time or energy left to look after us.  He did what we needed Him to do and He did it willingly and humbly.  I love Him for being patient as I learn, and experience, and fail, and come to know Him.  And, I appreciate that even though I didn't get to lay a palm, I can still express my love and devotion by following and defending Him.  

Because of Him, I love and live. 

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melanie said...

I love this video. And this post. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Because of Him, I have friends like you.