Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday Tried It - An Old Recipe

Gordon and Sandy built our home and lived in it for twenty years before we bought it.  Even though they only live 10 miles away, once we bought the place they never came back.  It was too hard for them to see twenty years of footprints stomped out by a new herd.

Last year one of their sons drove his wife out to see where he grew up.  He showed her his hand prints in the cement by the garage and other places he remembered as a boy.

After 15 years, Monday evening Gordon and Sandy finally drove by, looking at the house and property from a distance. We were outside working and saw the car go slowly by, sometimes backing up for a closer look.  Not recognizing the car, Calvin (as good a watchdog as Dan) finally walked out to the car and flagged it down. Lo and behold it was Gordon and Sandy.  We talked for an hour and expressed our thanks for making such a great place for our family to live.  Calvin invited them to come back and get raspberry starts.

Today Gordon and Sandy came to get the plants and a big piece of petrified wood that Sandy had regretted leaving.  I made this Pinterest Applesauce Cookies recipe to share with them.

I like trying old recipes from newspapers:

I like to envision the woman who submitted it in her apron cooking in a simple kitchen with staple ingredients. I like to imagine her sharing the recipe with her neighbors at a community social.  I like to imagine her creaky linoleum floor, with a few worn spots, and an itty-bitty refrigerator with metal ice-cube trays in the tiny freezer compartment.

I like to imagine the woman who clips the recipe from the newspaper, too.  How she sees the recipe then goes to her kitchen drawer that has scissors and string in it.  She carefully cuts the recipe out (and how her husband probably scolds her that night because there's a hole in his newspaper) and puts it in her recipe box.

All this I get from a newspaper recipe.

This recipe isn't anything special, but it is good like the picture says.  I do think it has too much clove in it (when a recipe calls for as much clove as it does cinnamon, beware). I doubled the recipe and and baked them as a cookie bar then frosted them with cream cheese frosting.  It was a good enough recipe to share, so I sent a plate home with Gordon and Sandy.


Jill said...

That was so sweet of you guys to invite them in and send them away with treats and an invitation for the raspberry starts.

I will never look at newspaper recipes the same way again.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Jill, they didn't want to come in the house. They said that would be too painful. (They really are sentimental people.) But it was fun to see them and as they got ready to leave Gordon quietly thanked us for keeping the place looking so nice.

Oh, you have a whole new fun world of imagining newspaper recipes then!