Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life in Our World - 6 More for Another Saturday


The butchers came Thursday to slaughter the steers.  I was not sad to see Red go.  You couldn't turn your back on him when you filled the water trough for fear he'd take you.  The other day when I walked into the chicken coop where there was only one flimsy piece of chicken wire between me and him snorting, pawing the ground, and throwing his head around, I wondered who was the bigger fool, me for thinking that wire could stop him or him for letting that wire stop him.

But he's gone now and much as I didn't like him personally, I'm very grateful to him for his meat.


You'd never believe the Perez yard.  It has at least 50 rose bushes and a backyard complete with sink, patio, fountain, and bolted down tables and chairs to host parties for over 100.  Clif recently had back surgery so the YM and YW of the Branch went to help them do yard work.  There are many things I admire about our YM and YW, but one thing is that they know how to work hard.  It doesn't matter whether we're cleaning someone's home, cleaning someone's yard, or hosting a yard sale, if they're there, they're really there.  They come at the beginning and stay till the bitter end.  They don't complain and they stay on task.  We got a lot done.

Clif and Vira fed everyone pizza and rootbeer floats when it got too late to work.


We spent a lot of time cleaning up the yard this week.  This pile is probably 5 feet tall and 20 feet long and we burn at least ten times this amount every year.  I feel like a beaver dragging and piling and it's a bit daunting when you're only on pile one.  But Calvin and I are a good team, as long as I get to throw away and burn he's happy to use the power tools.  Give the man a tractor, chain saw, or lawnmower and he creates lots for me to burn and throw away.  

Calvin also rototilled the garden and fixed the watering system in it.  He expanded the garden.  It has 20 rows instead of 16 and they are all five feet longer.  Aye yi yi.  In theory you downsize when your family leaves home.  We defy theory.


A good friend called earlier in the week and asked if I wanted an old quilt.  I drove right over to claim it and she gave me several other antiques while I was there.  This rocking horse was one of them, along with an old oak highchair and a set of three, ceramic, yellow, kitchen mixing bowls (with a white stripe around the top.  The littlest bowl was filled with old marbles and the biggest one is a perfect fruit bowl on the dining room table).  I came home and everything fit perfectly in the spot I had imagined.  Greed didn't exceed need.

Calvin burnt our pressure cooker steaming tamales a few years ago and we have needed another ever since.  She also gave me a pressure cooker.  I felt so very pleased with my new things.


We listened to the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today.  Like fellow Mormons the world over, we anticipate the first weekend of April and October because of General Conference.  Calvin and I got up early and worked in the yard for a few hours and then came in and watched the first session on tv.  After the first session, we hurried back outside and worked for a couple more hours before the second session.  Same story between the second session and the Priesthood session tonight.

While listening to conference, I cut out nearly 100 flannel board figures.  My friend Melanie no longer wanted them (I wouldn't have either with 5 children and the cutting time required) so she gave them to me.   It was a perfect General Conference activity for a grandma with sewing scissors.

the hospital receipt for Calvin's birth

I finished another class this week.  It was a history class writing narrative biographies and I wrote mine on Calvin. What an enjoyable project.  I had to use non-family sources as well as family sources and include at least three generations in the telling of it.  Even though the assignment is complete, the project isn't.  The maximum amount of pages allowed was 40 and he's still done a whole lot of living since page 40.  I'll finish it up this summer. 

How about you?  What's new in your world this week?


Jill said...

It's funny to think of you squaring off with Red, hopefully now you'll have some peace.

I love adding up the hours of work that many people contribute on big service projects like that, it's amazing what can be done in such a short amount of time! Our ward does a Spring Clean Up every year and divides the whole ward up and assigns them to various houses (usually widows and elderly people).

Oh my goodness, your garden is going to be huge!

I want to see the yellow mixing bowls your friend gave you, they sound so cheerful. I love a good hand-me-down.

$80 for Calvin's delivery?! That's just amazing. It's so ridiculous now.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, the mixing bowls are cheerful! I posted a picture of them.

melanie said...

Red is definitely scary. Good thing you could keep your eyes on the hamburger so to speak.

I love those yellow bowls! Yellow makes me happy. Good hand-me-downs are the best.