Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fourteen Pictures for the Fourteenth of June 2014

Calvin:  We got our pigs this week -- Clyde and Amora (named after
the sellers.)

Jane:  Our niece, Jesse, is visiting this weekend and helped to harvest
the lavender.  She has as calming an influence on people as lavender does.

Ande: After taking me to an art museum, buying me gelato, giving me the last bite, 
picking out postcards for our family collection, and introducing me to his friends, 
Joe humored me and brought me to the Lincoln monument at 10pm, 
even though it was out of the way
 and he saw it every day on his way to work when he lived here.

Joe:  The Best Man.

Zeph:  This is all we've seen of Zeph the last three days. I think it's safe to say his cousins wore him out. 

Abe:  Camping with the Young Men

Grace:  I made Abe a Father's Day cake

Henry:  In my very own bedroom now.

Michelle: Four things can be deduced from this picture:
1. I babysat today (the pictured child is not mine).
2. My children took naps at the same time today, but not the same as the
aforementioned child (they are not in the pool).
3. We had a long winter in Mississippi (my white legs have not yet recovered).
4. A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I hurriedly painted only the toes
that show with the shoes I wore that day.

Afton’s first camping trip. She helped us pack in to our camp 
(only a few hundred yards) and she learned that she doesn’t like Smores!

Eliza loves standing up now. Hopefully she’ll be taking steps soon.

Ty:  Michelle cut her fingers a few times about a month ago, so I often come home to this sight. 
 Now I do all of the knife washing.

Atlas:  "Say what?!"

Cali:  Mom gave me the gift of time for my birthday this year, so while
Ray and Levin were fishing, I went to Moses Lake and quilted.

Ray and Levin:  Catching salmon on the Copper River in Alaska.


Kathy Page said...

I have to say, I love looking at your family's 14th pictures as much as I do mine! Thanks for the great idea!

Ande said...

These are the best. My favorite blog of the month. I can't wait to see the pigs. Abe's camping sight looks pretty picturesque. Henry looks so sweet and big in his own crib...I bet Grace is glad. Ty and Afton's camping trip looks fun, and Afton's hair is so cute in a ponytail. I would have deduced that Michelle has an awesome inflatable pool. Cali's quilt is beautiful and the pictures of the Follett boys are classics. Oh! And mom, I bet your lavender smells great. Thanks for organizing these each month!

Jill said...

Good stuff Jane!

Jill said...

Good stuff Jane!