Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fourteen+ Pictures for the Fourteenth of July 2014 . . . plus a trivia quiz

Calvin:  All these bees swarming on our neighbor's sunflower field
remind me of robbing the hives with my dad.

Jane: Still not crazy about jogging, but the feeling at the end keeps me doing it.

Ray:  Levin and I attempting to teach Atlas
how to jump for Family Home Evening.

Cali:  Ray took this picture.  He's working in the garden and I'm overseeing
and reading on the porch.  Isn't summer grand?  I'm also semi distracted
by how hobbity-y my foot looks.  

Atlas Lincoln Follet with Levin Buchanan Follett in the background.

Abe:  Celebrating Abe Day.
This started 3 years ago when Grace and her sister, Connie, were bored one day.

Grace:  This is Henry's, "I'm hungry, mom" look.

Henry:  This is me being irresistable.

Ty:  I was studying Chinese, but somehow Michelle found me like this.

Afton:  Mom and I played with bubbles today while Eliza napped.

Michelle:  My shoes got a few more miles on them today.

Eliza: We went to the swimming pool for Family Home Evening.
Eliza would also like you to note that she has grown a tooth since last month.

                          Joe: I got to enjoy a few minutes of Up before a short segment on the Bluffton News.

Ande:  Let's not talk about how many greasy tacos Joe and I ate.
(Hint: it's in the double digits.)

Zeph: Joe is doing his best to ensure Zeph is a foodie.
He made Zeph pasta mixed with snap peas, duck bacon, Parmesan cheese,
and topped with a raw egg yolk. Zeph says, "Yummm!"

Just for fun, Ande created a trivia quiz for our family to take a week or two ago.  She asked each family to submit four questions as well as a prize for the winners.  She uploaded the quiz on the internet so each family could submit their answers.

Calvin and I won!  (Luckily Calvin knew that Joe had a garage full of karate trophies [instead of soccer trophies] and I knew that Cali took a cadaver class [instead of a microbiology class], because those two answers tipped the quiz in our favor.)  Here are the answers:

  1. What mission did Abe serve in?   -Philippines Bacolod
  2. If Ray were to get a tattoo (which obviously he's thought about getting one), what would it be? -XI
  3. What was the name of Dad's first dog? -Screwball
  4. What is Afton's favorite snack? -Fruit Snacks
  5. What was Clara's first temper tantrum about? -Not getting her toenails painted
  6. The Nehila's garage is full of Joe's trophies from what sport? -Karate
  7. What gear setting does Ty use to ride his bike to work? (This was also his favorite gear setting as a missionary.)  -3-6
  8. Mom had plastic surgery on what body part? -lip
  9. Besides ghosts, Cali's greatest fear is this animal? -coyote
  10. So far there is one food Zeph refuses to eat. What is it? -eggs
  11. What play did Grace play the lead role in high school? -Cinderella
  12. What color are Eliza's eyes? -undecided (brown also an acceptable answer)
  13. For a summer, teenage job, did Mom work at... a gas station every Wednesday, the swimming pool on Thursday, or babysitting on Friday
  14. What is Ande's favorite brand of cheese? -Tillamook
  15. How many states has Henry been to? -3
  16. Besides teaching at the MTC, what was Michelle's favorite job? -EFY counselor
  17. Dad's first car was fast and beautiful...what was it? -Datsun 240Z
  18. Levin first learned to crawl by chasing after what? -Cali's ring
  19. Joe was surprised when Ande showed an interest in which sporting competition? -Women's World Cup
  20. Would Mom rather read: a biography, a self-help book, a novel?
  21. Atlas has to take this twice a week or this happens? -suppository/constipation
  22. For the last 12.5 weeks Ande has been suffering from what ailment? -morning sickness
  23. What gesticulation does Zeph do every time he says the word, "no"? -bats his hand (shaking his finger is also an acceptable answer)
  24. What bone did Grace break in the 7th grade? -ankle
  25. Ray once dated a cougar that was how many years older than him? -7
  26. Who is the original Seemore? -David Scott
  27. Levin has an imaginary sister. She's never been to the Follett's house, she's always where? -School
  28. Ande misled Joe while they were dating by saying she liked what food? -sushi
  29. How many states has Abe visited? -45
  30. What yearbook award did Michelle win her senior year of high school? -happiest senior
  31. What is Clara's favorite color? -pink
  32. What is Afton's most common breakfast request? -pink candy
  33. What was the name of Dad's horse while he was going to college with Mom? -Teddy Bars
  34. What word does Zeph say exclusively with an article in the front? -a ball
  35. What two items did the monkey steal from Ty on E-Mei Mountain in China? -Book of Mormon and pen
  36. How much did Henry weigh as of June 30th? 17.4lbs
  37. When excited, Atlas ALWAYS does what? -flaps his arms and legs
  38. How much does Eliza weigh? -21.5-22.5
  39. After taking the high school aptitude test, what was Mom encouraged to become? a craftsman, a counselor, a caretaker?
  40. Cali took a science class in college that only allowed four students in it. What was it? -dissecting cadavers


Going bananas said...

Congrats to Ande and Joe!

hennchix said...

Congrats to Ande and Joe!! When are they due?

Jill said...

That sunflower field of bees looks amazing, I would like to take lots of close-up pictures!

I know I always say this, but the grand kids are growing so fast I can't believe how big they're all getting!

Watson Family said...

Goodness, I LOVE the fun things your family does like this!

Ande said...

I love Dad's picture. I love seeing everyone's day. Thanks for posting these. I love our family.

Kathy Page said...

I always love the monthly pictures--but it was really fun reading all the family questions and answers!