Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Said . . . Mutual Respect

I’ve been taking an on-line teaching class Monday afternoons. One of our recent assignments was to video ourselves teaching and send it to our instructor. I am not comfortable at all with seeing or hearing myself from outside of my insides. The first attempt the video was too large and the audio was poor. In another attempt the battery ran low. Several attempts later the taping was complete, but each day I stressed to prep a class that would video well (movement, but not too much movement; questions, but not too many questions; relaxed, but not too relaxed, etc.). Fear is exhausting. But it’s done now and, among other things, I lick my lips way too much when I teach.

While I don’t care to see myself in videos, I do find it very funny when students mimic me . . . and they do. In a tone easily recognizable they repeat things that I evidently say quite often. Things like, “Three things I appreciate about you are . . .,” and “Now that doesn’t sound like mutual respect, does it? Take care of it . . .” and “Remember our agreements . . .”

One learning activity that I hope the kids will mimic for the rest of their lives is to mark their scriptures as they read them. I love reading a book behind someone who leaves notes in the margin. I saw this marking idea on Pinterest and have used it several times.

It’s fun to see what kids find interesting and their favorite parts and helps to identify doctrines or principles not u+

See that typo? It’s because I’m sitting in the Spokane Airport and as I was typing that sentence a former student walked by on his way home from his mission! It was so great getting to hug him hello. And he was so kind . . . and full of mutual respect.  He had someone take this picture for us.

Welcome home Adam!  I'm so proud of you.

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Going bananas said...

One strategy of yours that I used (just yesterday!) was to have each of the girls in my activity day group say something nice about every girl in the group. It was a great way to help one of the girls that is struggling with self esteem right now.

Thanks, Jane!

Deidra said...

What a great reward for your airport sleeping! :)