Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It Said . . . Wind Beneath My Wings


We spent the night in the Memphis airport (and we had it all to ourselves).

In Mississippi with Ty and Michelle.

Pilot Graduation Day has begun.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Afton watching the proceedings.

Pilot Graduation Day.  It's official.  One of 13,000 Air Force pilots
defending 318,000,000 people.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Few pilots train as a family man.  This was a
family accomplishment.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Afton receiving her wings.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Ready for the next assignment.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Land of the Free.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Ty and Afton in the cockpit of the T-1

Pilot Graduation Day.  T-6 take-offs and landings.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Ty and Calvin in front of the T-6.  Ty's next assignment is to train pilots
on this aircraft. 

Pilot Graduation Day.  Flying in the simulator.  Afton kept saying, "Don't cwash Gwamma."

Pilot Graduation Day.  Ty giving his dad half of the wings.
(Military tradition holds that the first pair of wings should never be worn by the pilot.
To bring good luck, the pilot breaks the wings into two parts.
One half is kept by the pilot, the other half given to an important person in the pilot's life.
To preserve good luck, the two halves should never be brought together while the pilot is still alive.)

Pilot Graduation Day.  The Banquet.  (Everybody needs a little black dress.)

Pilot Graduation Day.  Incredible evening celebrating and meeting new people.  The family from
Scranton, PA is my favorite.

Pilot Graduation Day.  Ty delivering Michelle a rose for her support.
She really is the wind beneath his wings.

Pilot Graduation Day.  The Air Force always sets a single serving table to
honor the POW's and MIA's and gives a somber and
fitting toast t
o those who have given their lives for freedom. 

Pilot Graduation Day.  The final toast.
(Ty is the one in the middle . . . with the glass of water.)

We had a wonderful time.  We're grateful that Ty and Michelle and their family have such great opportunities and are willing to serve.

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Kathy Page said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I'm so glad you and Calvin could be there!

Lynn Jaynes said...

Very exciting for all. Wishing Ty and Michelle and girls the best! And sending my gratitude with a kick and a hug.


Levi said...

Ty is one of Andy's heros and we're fortunate to know their family.

melanie said...

That song always puts a lump in my throat as did this post. Congrats to Ty and Michelle!! I'm so glad you and Calvin could be there. Did you find a lump in your throat a time or two? Or three?

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was a grand event
Congratulations to Ty and Michelle and all of you! Glad you could be there! L&V

Ande said...

I loved getting to be a part of this through your pictures and posts. My favorite picture is Dad with Afton on the toy airplane.