Friday, October 3, 2014

It Said . . . Palindrome, palindrome, backwards the same

"Palindrome, palindrome backwards the same."

It's a line from a song that Riders in the Sky sing. And every time I see something that reads forward the same as it reads backwards, then that line comes into my head. Like today. I was following an old, miniature pick-up with Toyota written across the tailgate. Toyota isn't a palindrome, but "a toyota"is. So that song came to mind.  My favorite palindrome is imagining Adam introducing himself to Eve in the Garden of Eden with a deep bow and saying, "Madam, I'm Adam."

I like looking for palindromes.

Last week our car mileage was a palindrome so I stopped to celebrate it.

Here's a parting palindrome: "Live not on evil, madam, live not on evil."

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Going bananas said...

My son has a book where the author's dedication reads, "For my daughter, Anna Eve, my little palindrome."

Nicole said...

I love palindromes too! Especially number ones. Except when I have lots of zeros and eights then it just gets hard