Saturday, October 18, 2014

It Says . . . And we call it our get-the-work-done day.

Saturday is the day we get ready for Sunday.  Mormon children sing all about it from the time we begin Primary.  Though I haven't sung this song aloud in years, maybe even decades, the line " . . . and we call it our get-the-work-done day . . ."  still beats in my head, because that's what Saturday is and that's what our Saturday was.  Here's mine and Calvin's combined check-list today:

  • read the scriptures and say prayers
  • make a pot of stew
  • make an apple cake with a caramel sauce
  • clean and spray out the garage
  • spray off the sidewalks
  • gather the outside toys, clean them, and put them in the garage
  • put the garden tools away
  • install a new water tank for the steers (which includes laying pipe, etc.)
  • smoke the bacons, loins, and ham-hocks
  • vacuum
  • do the laundry and ironing
  • regular chores (feed chickens/gather eggs/haul trash/take Dan on a walk, etc.
  • live to blog about it

Oh man, we're more than ready for Sunday to get here.

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Michelle said...

That's quite the Saturday. I must say I'm impressed. We kind of failed at our get-the-work-done day this week. Maybe next time. Have I mentioned I am really enjoying having Neighbor Jane blogs to read frequently lately? Well, I am.

melanie said...

I made an apple cake with caramel sauce on Sunday. Owen is quite the fan. He asked for cake at breakfast. And he got it.