Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homemaking Tip - Thinkin'

Sometimes country music says it all.

 “What was I thinkin’?” has come into my mind more than once today. 

You see, we’re painting the whole house, even the ceilings  . . .

. . . in December.  

Granted, someone is doing it for us, but still . . .

 "What was I thinkin?"

And then, tonight I logged onto Facebook and saw a slew of comments and “likes” to a post on our wall that I don’t even know how it got there. It was one of those requests asking for confirmation that you read our wall. All I could think was, “Caaaalllvvviiiiiin! what buttons did you push?" (You should have seen his Instagram account a month ago. Good grief. He had unknowingly pushed “follow” to 50 random people – most of them souls he doesn't know and others were celebrities he has no desire to know.  He was cursing Instagram until I explained what he'd done and fixed his contacts.)  If only they’d write a song, “What was Calvin thinkin’?” we’d be covered.

But every now and then we think of good ideas.  Like at Thanksgiving.  Calvin grilled everyone a Cornish game hen that each person had seasoned individually (great idea), and then after dinner everyone had a tin to put his leftovers in.  It was a custom TV dinner if ever there was one.  

It was slick.

Back to more thinkin' . . . 

and sniffing paint fumes.

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Michelle said...

Hahaha I'd wondered about that facebook post. Y'all sure do come up with some good ideas though!