Saturday, December 13, 2014

Life in Our World - "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

Community Nativity.

There was a Community Nativity held at one of the LDS churches here in town.  Our stake Relief Society presidency was in charge of decorating the foyers of the church.  Chris, our Stake Relief Society President, has talent and vision and she drafted and created the scenes with a lot of help from her husband and a little bit of help from the rest of the presidency.  The finished project was really beautiful.

The whole Nativity event was incredible.  Carrie Welty and her committee had over 300 creches artfully displayed, a nativity photo booth, and beautiful musical numbers that played continuously.  It was a wonderful and energetic way to celebrate The Season.

Beautiful Chaos.

Our house is still in the chaos of being painted.  But there is always beauty, even in chaos, and two of the beautiful things are:

I found clue #12 from the blue team's Thanksgiving scavenger hunt.  It was on the back of the giant star that hangs on the wall. 

Calvin's closet is clean and organized and so is every other closet and cupboard in the house. De-junking makes me happy. Order is beautiful.

Army-Navy Game.

It was the annual Army-Navy game on Saturday and we went to Abe and Grace's to watch it. They had prepared fun game food - buffalo wings in four flavors, truffle cupcakes (complete with black and white cups and a yellow cupcake stand), mozzarella cheese sticks, and other game foods.  

Wings prepped and ready for the oven

Wing sauce choices

We watched the march-on and pregame shows. A fellow cadet of Abe’s walked a kilometer for each fallen soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He walked the last kilometer with the widow of his good friend, fellow teammate and quarterback of the Army team. The soldier and the widow finished the walk and entered the stadium just before game time.  It was a touching tribute to the fallen soldiers and reminded us of Abe’s fallen buddies that were part of those kilometers.

Army lost the game, but it was a respectable loss.  Next year.  There is always next year.

After the game, Grace and I worked on curtains for Henry's room while Calvin and Abe did house projects.  Henry watched and played with the balls on the Christmas tree.  We had such a great weekend.

Albert Einstein is smart, right?  He said, "Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving."

Calvin and I must have been very balanced this week.

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Ande said...

That nativity set is incredible. Your stake does such a neat job. Every year I wish I was there to go see it.

I loved seeing your life this week. I hope order is restored soon. Speaking of order...Dad's closet!!! Wow! That's amazing!