Sunday, December 14, 2014

14+ pictures for the 14th of December 2014

Ty: making crepes for a special Sunday breakfast.

Michelle:  Family selfie on the way to church

Eliza: the backpack and my sippy cup kept ALL of us sane at church today.
2 more weeks of 1pm church!

Afton: Singing "Flying in an Airplane" with a quail hairdo.
(Jane speaking here:  Ty tried to do Afton's hair using the vacuum as a blowdryer.)

Michelle: The best belly picture I could get!

Zeph:  Levin "Wevy" and Atlas "Ah-Ah" and Cali and Ray left this morning.
Zeph is going to go through a lot of withdrawals this week
(he loves those little boys and loved that they got to watch extra
Curious George while Cali and I did projects).
I think I'll go through withdrawals too.
Our house is too quiet and lonely.

Ande: After a great Sunday at church.
Joe forgot he was supposed to speak, 

but gave a wonderful talk about the Savior and the Atonement. 
I got to teach Young Women's. 
Zeph sat through all of Sacrament Meeting 
with the help of marshmallows and looked at books of Jesus (who he calls "JeJe"),
 and got to play with balls in nursery. A very good Sunday.

Joe:  Ande wants to remind Cali of another great reason to come back soon . . .
the fact we forgot to light a fire while they were here.

Cali:  Leaving Joe, Ande, and Zeph

Ray:  Who wants to sit by us on the flight home?

Atlas and Levin:  Trying to keep from crying on the plane.

Abe and Grace and Henry:  post Church photo

Grace:  Henry's new curtains courtesy of me and Mom

Abe:  Reading and singing to Henry before nap time.

Henry:  my healthy legs

Calvin and Jane:  post Church picture with Henry

It was another successful year of 14 on 14.  It's fun to look back at the growth, opportunities, challenges, and changes in our family month by month through the last four years of this photo project. Good thing next year is 15 on 15, because we keep growing.

Thanks to family for sending pictures in each month, and thanks to you readers for viewing each month.

I hope your 2014 was a good year too.


melanie said...

That's funny. I'm counting down Sundays, too. Only two more at 8:30!

Love the curtains, Grace.

I love glimpses into your family. Looking forward to 2015. Especially with some new additions.

Ande said...

I love these posts so much. I love how they keep our family connected.