Monday, March 16, 2015

52 Blessings - Almost 15 pictures of Family for the 15th of March

Ty: Eliza and I trying to recover from a few busy days of traveling.

Michelle: I was a speaker in church today. My topic was this verse of scripture

Afton:  We talked about exercise in nursery today.  Afton and three other kids decided to be
selfless and sacrifice their own physical fitness in order to help Jermaine.

Eliza:  Got a little too excited to get in the bath and forgot something.
Or maybe she was too groggy.

Zeph: Went to Joe's Mom's house this afternoon.
He was fed a popsicle, Nutter Butters, gummy worms, chips,
a piece of ice cream cake, and sent home with a guitar in
the shape of a dog that has a "howl" setting. So. He's ecstatic. 

Ezra: This is how Ezra spent the evening. 
Conked out in his car seat with a soft blanket rubbing his cheek. 

Joe was gone from church today.
Ezra's pacifier kept everyone happy regardless.

Calvin: Put manure on the strawberries yesterday and they got rained
on today.  Perfect timing.

Jane:  One of the great things about Sunday is empty-ish streets in town.

Henry: It's 2230, and I'm still awake.
I'm a little punch drunk but having fun.

Abe and Grace: We enjoyed playing Cover Your Assets
with our friends, the Simmons, today.

Levin:  It's my dad's birthday and I'm in charge.

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melanie said...

Love the little glimpses into each person's day. I'd say the kids quite enjoyed the day. They are cute.