Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life in Our World - A Picture a Day

Monday 3-2-15
Back to one shower head and empty fridge reality - a very good reality,
nevertheless real and not quite as colorful as Hawaii.

Tuesday 3-3-15
Calvin is in his happy place tonight stoking the fire,
working on a gun . . . and wearing his red vest.

Wednesday 3-4-15
I read Dr. Ben Katz's obituary today in my hometown newspaper.
He was 93 years old and still involved with medical projects.
He was our kids' pediatrician and carefully guided me as a mother through a hard situation.
He was no-nonsense.  He was smart.  He was firm.  He expected me to be, too.
I loved and respected him.  I hope he gives a little check-up to all of our unborn grandchildren
 before they come to earth and reminds Clara to get enough Vitamin D.

Thursday 3-5-15
Weekly Stake Relief Society Presidency meeting.
These women are inspiring, fun, and talented.
Kathy (center) made us darling matching aprons for future kitchen duty,
and delivered them today.
Friday 3-6-15
Such a great date tonight.  We loved the movie . . . and the popcorn.
I appreciate Calvin for continuing to take me out often through the yeaers.
I love to be with him.

Saturday 3-7-15
Some meals just need to be documented, so at Calvin's request this one is.
In Calvin's words, "Nothing better than a Saturday morning breakfast like this.
With the help of God we produced everything on the table - the eggs came from the chickens;
we made the sausage and bacon from our pigs we butchered last Fall;
the hashbrowns, applesauce, and bread are homemade;
and the raspberry jam comes from our patch in the garden."
(To be fair, we didn't grow or grind the wheat, nor did we make the dishes from our soil
or carve the utensils from the trees, BUT, that doesn't diminish the fact that we are
very blessed and we know it.)

Sunday 3-8-15
Just in case you wondered where you would sleep at our house if you came to visit.

Monday 3-9-15
Just in case you wondered what kind of ice cream is in our freezer.

Tuesday 3-10-15
Calvin and I had an interview in our home tonight.
Ever since I read that which chair you choose in a therapist's office says a lot about you,
I find seat selection rather interesting.
The two men interviewing us sat on the couch.
Can you guess which chair I sat in and which chair Calvin sat in?
(Hint: the softest chair did not produce the chattiest person.)

Wednesday 3-11-15
For Young Women's tonight, we took the girls to Mariah's Salon.
She was so gracious.  She found something beautiful about each girl,
taught them about affordable hair products, did a unique hair style on each girl,
and gave them their product.  Some of these girls can't even afford a blow dryer
so this was a big deal.

Thursday 3-12-15
Brandee (left) and I went visiting teaching tonight.
The lesson was on "Attributes of Jesus: Long-suffering and Patient."
Catalina (right) is 82, has lost two husbands and a daughter,
still grows a garden and cans food from it.
We just let her teach us the lesson
since she's about got that attribute perfected.

Friday 3-13-15
Judging from the pile of the manure, we're going to have a good garden this year.

Saturday 3-14-15
Saturday is a get-the-work-done-day.
Calvin worked outside spreading manure and starting seeds in cups;
I worked inside baking bread and cookies and making fruit leather.

Here are a few things the pictures didn't tell --

  • Two sweet little girls sold me a rock they'd colored with chalk for 38 cents.
  • Calvin and I attended two different funerals of great people who helped to build Moses Lake into what it is.  
  • I am teaching some pretty incredible classes of kids this year. This week one class made a special effort to do their very best to learn which made for a very positive outside observation. 
  • The look of grief when I realized that the new construction on a busy intersection in Moses Lake (where once lived a huge, beautiful lilac bush) is a pot greenhouse (as in marijuana).
  • Meeting up with friends to watch a college softball game of a new friend who is the daughter of old friends and the granddaughter of an even older friend.
  •  Fun mail received.  I got a pipe cleaner butterfly and Olaf jelly beans; Calvin got a pipe cleaner snail and a licorice snake.  Afton is pretty crafty. 
  • Speaking of gifts.  Our cats are mousers.  Good mousers.  They have brought us several dead ones as presents.  Try as I might, dead mice do not pose for pretty pictures.

Life is good.  Very good.


Lora Bailey said...

So glad you are home again! We would love to get together with you two and hear about your trip and your life today! We miss you!

Love, Lora and Brent

melanie said...

Good mail from grandkids? That beats all, doesn't it?!