Wednesday, April 15, 2015

15 Pictures for the 15th of April 2015

Who knew six years ago when we started this that it would become a tradition to document the same day each month of the year.  Every now and then I see patterns . . . like today there seems to be a lot of hamburgers and pajamas in our day.

Much love to my family for doing this tradition day after day, month after month, year after year . . . 

Zeph begged to keep his pajama shirt on all day.
Who was I to argue when I was still in my pajamas?

Ezra is so patient to all of Zeph's antics.
Whether it's shoving pennies in his hand,
lying his giant head right on his milk belly,
or stealing his pacifier.
Ezra just watches and accepts it all.
Maybe we should have named him Job.

Tonight Zeph got left with his first honest to goodness babysitter
so Joe and Ezra and I could go to dinner and trivia night.
We got fourth. Ezra was happy or asleep the whole time.
Zeph fell asleep 2 minutes after we got home, completely worn out.
 So. Success all around

Ty: Enjoying our last evening with the Osborne family at Big'z Burgers.
We have really appreciated having family nearby and will miss them. 

Afton: I'm going to miss my cousins Zoe, Ethan, and Ellie.
Or second cousins? Once removed maybe? My mom's cousin's kids.

Michelle: One of the few moments of relative calm in my day.
 (And Afton's first of three cheeseburgers in the day).

Eliza: The fifteen minutes that helped me survive the day of moving out of our house.

Grace:  Loved Face-Timing and getting texts from Henry
while he stays with Grandpa and Grandma.

Abe: Moose Tracks after a very long day.

Calvin:  Lunch with Henry

Jane:  Henry has been staying with Grandpa & Grandma
this week.  We face-timed his mom and dad each day.

      Folletts Family night was racing, ice cream,
and for parts we practiced Levin’s gymnastic tricks.

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Kathy Page said...

I loved the quotes you mixed in with your pictures--brilliant!