Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday - Speedy Delivery

Google says that today is the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express.  What a coincidence.

1.  This is Casey.  More than once he has carried and hand-delivered goods to Idaho for me.  He stopped by this afternoon to pick up a delivery of brownies and fruit leather for my niece:

Casey even somewhat fits the Pony Express Rider description:

2.  Our postmistress makes me feel like I'm giving the entire postal fleet a gift by sending packages in fun original containers -- like these boxes.  I found them on a post Valentine clearance.  They have a little bag of cookies inside.  I added a roll of fruit leather and a note then simply taped the box closed and put the address label on the backside and mailed them as is.

While some of the grandkids got their animal boxes in the mail last week, Cali said Levin and Atlas got their's today.  

Happy Anniversary Pony Express.  I hope mail never goes extinct.

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