Tuesday, March 8, 2016

16 Pictures for the 16th of February 2016

Cali:  making an "I Spy" quilt for the boys

Atlas and Levin:  a walk in the park

Grace:  Henry playing with "Howez's" shirt.

Henry:  being like Iggy Peck Architect and building towers.

Happy Hazel

Abe:  my view for the day

Ezra:  Rolling down the slide.

Zeph:  tackling and hugging Ezra on the trampoline

Ande:  crocheting blanket squares.  19 down 90 more to go.

Ty: Hop on Pop
(Michelle note: Today, the pilot training class Ty's been working
with for the last 5-6 months officially moved on to the next phase of their training.
A handful of students received awards for their performance,
and Ty was presented an award for being voted their
"favorite instructor pilot." I'm very proud of him. He's a great instructor
and I'm glad his students recognize and appreciate that in him.)

Afton: Today I went to Miss Carli's house to borrow some celery
all by myself. I also decided to fill up everyone's water glass for
dinner and did it all by myself.

Eliza: I am very polite and always say "No fank you."
Dad told me to make my cutest face and Afton coached me.

Kathyn: I am just always happy!

Michelle:  I completed all of vacation recovery in one day!  

Jane:  I caught a ride over to Seattle to spend the long weekend with Cali doing fun projects.
I planned to catch the bus home, but accidentally bought a 11:30 pm ticket
instead of a 11:30 am one.  However, I didn't discover the mix-up until I went to the
bus station at 11:30 am and found no bus and no refund.
Cali drove me halfway home where we met up with Calvin.
It was a great trip.

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