Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Memories - The Nap

Every summer my grandparents took us (my brothers, sisters and two cousins) north to Aunt Jean’s cabin. The boys rode with Grandpa in the station wagon and the girls rode with Grandma in the fancy car. On the way to the cabin, it was best to be in Grandma’s car because she stopped at the drug-store-soda-fountain for black-licorice ice cream cones, but on the way back it was best to be in Grandpa’s car because he could make it all the way home without pulling over for a nap.

Forty-five years later, I am my grandma.

Today is National Napping Day. Since a nap is a human battery re-charger, National Napping Day is celebrated on the day after Daylight Savings begins and we lose an hour of sleep. A few things I love about napping:

  • A ten to twenty minute nap is scientifically proven to improve our efficiency. 
  •  Some studies show that people who nap and get adequate sleep are less forgetful and have lower levels of stress hormones.
  • Napping is an inborn skill.  (Babies are really good at it.)

This weekend I got to babysit my great-niece Sayer and help her take naps.

My grandma was on to something.  Naps are a very good thing.

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