Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sixteen Pictures (+ or -) for the 16th of March 2016

Jane:  Sunshine on My Shoulder.  Thank you John Denver.

Calvin:  getting loggers in the sun and ready for install in the
farmers' fields

Cali:  Nine times a minute, Atlas asks Uncle Allan if he "like my space ship?"
Nine times a minute Uncle Allan expounds on how awesome their creations are.
I love families.

Levin:  a glimpse of baby Levin in boy Levin

Atlas: We made cupcakes and decorated them with sugar pumpkins that are older than Levin.

Ray:  Ready for a DaVita (work) party

Ande: Today I'm staying sane.

Ezra: Eating fabric scraps.
Ezra loves to eat fabric, but towels are his favorite.

Zeph: Reading to his alligator. (Ande) I also caught him scolding him,
"Alligator, look at me. Look at my eyes. We don't his Ezra.
 Do you understand?" I tell Zeph and Ezra 3 reasons why
I love them as I put them to bed. When Zeph put his alligator down
for a nap he stroked his face and told him why he loved him.

Afton: Doing chores: cleaning the glass doors.

Ty: I sent Captain Sexton on her first solo in the T-6 today!
She came back safely (as did the aircraft) so it was a success all around.

Kathryn: Doing chores: eating rocks and practicing tricks.

Eliza: Doing chores: putting away the silverware.

Michelle: There's a new season of the Amazing Race on Amazon.
This is what Ty and I will be doing most nights for awhile.

Abe: Conducting a recon on the lovely town of Ujen at NTC.

Grace:  My view on our walk today.

Henry:  Finally . . . a nice day to go outside!

Hazel:  Had a playdate today and the little girls made sure I had lots of toys to play with.

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Kathy Page said...

I look forward to seeing these pictures of your family each month!