Wednesday, March 22, 2017

17 Pictures for the 17th of March 2017

Levin:  Hope is knowing we'll be finished moving into our new home soon. 

 Kathryn: Hope is thinking all five of us will sleep well in the same house tonight.
(Editor's note: Kathryn is the only one that didn't get up in the night.)   

Ty: When I've had a long day, hope is 8pm.

Afton: Hope is thinking running away will solve all problems.

Michelle: Hope is spending all morning making dinner roll dough
and five different kinds of cookie dough for people to
sample for a Young Women's fundraiser.

Eliza: Hope is convincing Afton over lunch that she doesn't want to live in the backyard forever.

Ray:  Hope is being stronger than a stuffed alligator.

Ray:  Hope comes from a wet winter.

Joe:  Hope is knowing we'll all feel better someday.

Ezra: Hope is giving the chickens your sucker so they'll be your friends.

Zeph: Hope is asking the same question over and over
(in this case "will you bounce us again?") and expecting mom to say, "sure!"

Ande: Hope is a baby and sunshine.

Abe:  Hope is spending time watching an
ASU baseball game with Dad and Hazel.

Hazel:  Hope is knowing I can keep Henry from taking my toys.

Henry:  Hope is knowing my dad can put things together.

Calvin:  Hope is candeling quail eggs and expecting a good hatch.

Jane:  Hope is having a family.

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