Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Meet Jane.

Helping Calvin unload a ton of grain one scoop at a time.

My official work-away-from-home experience began as a teenager working each Wednesday in the summer at a roadside gas station (back when we washed your windshield, checked your oil, pumped your gas, and took your money.  There were no such things as tips). I also hoed beans and picked cockle-burs for a neighbor. Later I worked at the BYU meat lab wrapping meat and curing bacon, followed by eighteen years of being a mother with a craft business in our home (making and selling primitive rag dolls and the like). During that time I also babysat several children as I cared for our own. For the past sixteen years I have taught release-time seminary.

My husband, Calvin, and I have six children and almost 14 grandchildren. One of the best surprises of marriage is discovering that loves gets gentler and deeper as you age. That aging and softening love is also true of what you feel for your posterity. Family and love is a beautiful combination.

I’m lucky because my hobbies are also my work. They both have everything to do with faith and family. I love gardening, and caring for the animals we raise on our few acres. I enjoy going on walks while visiting with family about life, ideas, and problems. I love homemaking – baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, laundry, and hand-sewing. I enjoy writing creative non-fiction, and reading biographies. I also love to teach – whether it’s how to make bread, find the best prices on groceries, or the scriptures.

I have a simple, but rich and sweet life and I'm thankful to Heavenly Father for it.


Watson Family said...

Love this and everything about your life and family that you blog about. Thank you for sharing so many good and wonderful things with stranger-friends like me.

Heather Williams said...

Jane-I still read your blog after all these years of being away from Moses Lake...Almost 4! Can't believe that...well, 4 years in October. I've always enjoyed reading the things you write because they are things that are important and honest and I so appreciate that. You are quite the example and I tell people often about you and the amazing woman that you are.

We are doing great here in Ammon, Idaho. We bought my grandparents home on 9 acres...7 of which is hay. We absolutely love raising our children where they can run free and explore. Ryan works in pain management and really does enjoy what he does and the people he works with. Hattie is now 8, Jack 6, Hank 4 and Charlotte almost 1 in a couple weeks.

I feel blessed to be home with them....yes it is hard as you know, but I wouldn't trade anything for those times they need to talk with me about something important to them. I also enjoy keeping up a home.

THank you for your blog and for reminding me over and over again how important family and the gospel are....that is truly what brings us happiness!

Sure do love you!

Jane Payne said...

Thank you Watson family and Heather for your wonderful comments. I regret I have lost contacts for both of you! Please send me updated links so I can reconnect!

Heather Williams said...

I'm off social media but my email and phone number are: hgwilliams06@gmail.com and 208-520-9232 thanks!