Thursday, May 4, 2017

Meet Henry.

Henry is Abe and Grace's oldest son.  He is three-years-old.  Grace wrote this fitting description of Henry:

"Henry is one of the happiest and most pleasant little boys you'll ever come to know. He's extremely smart, observant, and loves to learn about everything. He is very macho and is a boy in every way. His favorite colors are blue and brown. When he grows up he wants to be a monster truck driver or a police man. He loves one on one time and loves snuggling with anyone who will take the time to do so. He's very clean and tidy. He'll stop eating when his hands get dirty and he eats most things with a fork...including toast. Henry is extremely obedient and sensitive. He wants nothing more than to please his mom and dad. He loves his little sister, Hazel, and refers to her as his "little sweetie." He also is very attached to Brucey, his beloved teddy bear. Henry's sweetness is enough to make our hearts break everyday. He wants nothing more than to please and does it in the sweetest way."

Henry loves to come to our house and one of the main reasons is he thinks his cousins live here. If he comes alone or with just his family, he anxiously wonders where the cousins are.  Henry makes a great third wheel because he adapts to anyone and everyone very easily.

Henry loves his family intensely; he also loves chocolate.  One day when they were visiting, Abe and Grace left Henry to go to the temple.  Henry was happily riding scooters in the yard until they pulled out of the driveway.  He began to wail. I went to soothe and distract him by offering candy.  He cried, "I just need some chocolate."  And that was all it took.  He gave up his parents for chocolate.

I'm so grateful for families, obedience, chocolate . . . and Henry Calvin.

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