Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Meet Ezra.

Ezra is Joe and Ande's second son.  He is also Grandpa's buddy.  He requests daily to call Grandpa. He never says a thing, he just wants to see and hear from him.

Ande wrote this perfect description of Ezra:

"Ezra, you are determined. Whether you solve your problem or yell about it until someone helps you, you get what you want. You request "Puff the Magic Dragon" every time we are in the car. I usually limit it to 4 times on repeat. You require no less than 6 stuffed animals in your bed. A donkey, a rabbit, two (identical) Curious Georges, a moose, and a puppy baby toy that rattles. You love and hug them all. You point out every "dig-dig" at every construction site and every airplane (and anything that remotely sounds like an airplane). When you are happy you have a waddling walk and toothy smile. Without fail you take your shoes off the second you get in your car seat. You usually want nothing more than to be Zeph's buddy, expect when you want to be ornery. You love to hug and climb on and jump on your dad. You've decided to stopping hitting Winnie, and now pet her and try to make her smile. I'm so glad I get to be your mom."

Ezra reminds me of Pigpen on Charlie Brown -- he loves the dirt and loves even more to be covered in it.  Dirt looks so healthy on him.  Ezra has a raspy voice and his vocabulary is limited, so each word he says is like a nugget, especially when the word ends in 's'. It's so cute, but he does not like to repeat himself. 

Ezra waves to everybody.  He will stand out in the middle of the yard and wave at airplanes who are miles overhead as if the pilots and passengers can see him.  He does it dutifully for each airplane. It's simultaneously cute and sad.

He's such an agreeable little pal.  He loves to work and follow behind you helping.  He loves to feed the animals and can be found sharing his sucker with the chickens.

I'm so grateful for families, inquisitive curly towheads, children who love the dirt  . . .  and Ezra Wilhelm.

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