Wednesday, November 15, 2017

And we did live after the manner of happiness . . .

In the Book of Mormon, Nephi listed several of the activities (2 Nephi 5) that he and his people were doing and summed up their lives with “...(we) lived after the manner of happiness.” (2 Nephi 5:27)

This is Nephi’s outlook even though he and his family were told to “...flee into the wilderness...” and start a new community to save their lives. They weren't popular or safe.

I love Nephi’s list. I agree with Nephi’s list. I want to share Nephi’s list. I think it's useful to anyone that wants to incorporate more happiness into their lives.

For the last few weeks, I have posted Nephi's insights along with a comment and picture about how that behavior has also brought me happiness.  This post concludes the series.

Zeph and Ezra, visiting this summer


2 Nephi 5:18  ". . . I did for them according to that which was in my power."

"Hey Gramma, I got a good idea.  How 'bout I wash your car for you?"

Zeph and Ezra scrubbed it for an hour, then slide all over the car with their bodies to dry it.  It was sweet.  Zeph saw a need and did "that which was in his power" to help.  Not only did it provide us both with entertainment for an hour, it really did help.  

When I was a teenager, I remember President Spencer W. Kimball saying that when we serve ". . . it is easier to 'find' ourselves because there is so much more of us to find."  I believed it then and, after years of being blessed by service, I believe it even more now.  Service, though seldom convenient, does make us happy -- even happier. 

I am grateful the Savior did "that which was in his power" for us.  It wasn't convenient.  His example reminds me to give a more whenever I think I've done enough.

This video shares the a bit of the beauty of service . . .

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