Monday, June 18, 2018

16 Pictures for June 18, 2018 (or thereabouts)

We have been doing this monthly picture tradition for almost 8 years!  Some traditions stay and some go, but when I took a family poll last month the vote was to continue sharing a picture each month.  

"Traditions, traditions, without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as  . . . as . . . as a fiddler on the roof."

Calvin:  Last week I went with Ray, Levin, and Atlas to Alaska on the annual Follett Family
salmon fishing trip.  It was beautiful and we had a great time.

Calvin:  I didn't even have to repack my suitcase from the Alaska trip.
I just loaded the pickup and went to girls' camp for the week.

Jane:  It's like feeding a calf when you feed Inman a bottle.

Ray:  Follett Family salmon fishing trip in Alaska.

Cali and Inman:  While Ray, Levin, Atlas, and my dad were in
Alaska salmon fishing, Inman and I went on walks with Grandma.

Levin:  On the Follett Family fishing trip in Alaska. 
We went to see a glacier on Uncle Mark's airboat.

Atlas:  On a 5 mile wide and 25 mile long glacier in Alaska.

Ty: I taught the girls how to leg wrestle tonight.

Michelle: Super flattering picture of me leg wrestling Afton.

Afton: My mom says Eliza and I can’t get things off the shelf in the closet.
Challenge accepted

Eliza: Just finding Waldo.

Kathryn:  I loved bearing testimony during Family Night.
In fact, I did it three times.

Calvin: I get really excited watching the Roomba.

Joe and Zeph:  Playing War and watching the World Cup.

Zeph, Winnie, and Ezra:  Making family night treats. 

Zeph, Ande, Winnie, and Ezra playing at the beach.
(Not taken on the 18th...but it proves I exist.)

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