Tuesday, October 18, 2016

16 (or so) pictures taken on the 16th of October 2016

We've been doing a monthly family post for almost 72 months.  In all of those years, we missed one month and stretched the original perimeters on many others, including this month.  

Some of these photos were taken on 10-16-16, some were taken days before, and a few were taken a day or two after.  I am grateful for the family's contributions. whenever they come and however many come, for it captures a piece of life in our world.  

In the month of October of 2016 . . . 

Calvin:  preparing to give a talk in church.

Jane:  Popcorn, a typical Sunday night supper.

Kathryn: One great way to make Mom happy is to express an undeniable desire to go to bed.

Eliza: Dad asked me to pick up a few pairs of shoes that were out, and that gave me an idea...

Afton: We made some cinnamon rOOOOOOlls yesterday,
and delivered them to some neighbors today.

Michelle: At the end of the day it's another day over.

Ty:  I had to do a quick inventory of our church's games for the Harvest Festival.
They are functional, but not pretty.

Abe: Training in Idaho with my 1SG.

Grace:  Family selfie to send to Dad.  Henry's not very cooperative
these days.

Minion Hazel

Henry and Hazel are really starting to interact and play with each other.

Ray:  Fishwheel on the Yukon.  Catching 350 fish per day to dry and feed 63 sled dogs year round.
(Ray went moose hunting this month with his brother Johnny.)

Ray:  Drying salmon for the dogs.

Cali:  Helping Atlas stay quiet while listening to General Conference.

Levin:  Museum of flight.

Levin and Atlas:  Ray taught the boys if they ate food before they pray
they have to open their mouths while he blesses the food.

Atlas:  Zombie Krispie Kreme donuts for Family Home Evening

Atlas:  Museum of flight

Ande:  When life hands you a 5 day power outage...
you use your questionable, but decent smelling, milk
to make a two gallons of Greek yogurt.
(Thank you Hurricane Matthew for not knocking over
Joe and Ande's house when it knocked out the power.)

Ezra: Mom made yogurt. I dipped my fingers in it and ate it plain.
We won't give company our yogurt.

Zeph: My favorite part of post-hurricane Matthew yard-clean-up
is keeping the branches in the wagon.

Until next month . . .

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Rachel said...

Oh, I could comment on all of these! To sum it up: I wish I could have heard Uncle Calvins talk. Your table looks so festive. Cali's life is so entertaining. I don't know where Ande gets her energy. Ty and Michelle appreciate their girls' personalities so well. Grace always looks so put together, and so do her kids.