Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fun Gift Packets

Eliza, Afton, Kathryn

These little mail-able packets are fun to make and send for Halloween, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or . . . well, good heavens, you could put a few cough drops, package of kleenex, and a packet of chicken soup and have a get-well packet.  Truly, anything goes. just sew them together and take them to the post office and they mail them as is -- promise.

Materials needed: heavy table-cloth plastic (available at fabric stores), small firm candies (such as skittles, smarties, tootsie-rolls, bubblegum, candy necklaces, jolly ranchers, etc.), little doo-dads like straws, pencils, erasers, decks of cards, balloons, socks, etc.

Directions:  (This size is simply a suggestion.  Make your packets big enough to hold the items you wish to send.)

1) Cut a 16 x 12 inch rectangle of heavy plastic and fold in half lengthwise so that the dimensions are 8 x 12 inches with the fold at the bottom.

2) Sew, using a zigzag or straight stitch, both 8 inch sides closed.

3) Measure in approximately 3 inches from side seam and stitch from bottom to top.

4) Repeat by measuring approximately 3 more inches from that seam and sew again from bottom to top—creating columns in the plastic rectangle.

5) Fill each column two inches full with candies.  After all the columns are filled; sew a horizontal stitch across the columns, sealing the candy inside.

6) Repeat steps for the next row of columns; except add the name and address which you have written on a postcard, index card, or a piece of paper in one of the columns instead of candy. Sew closed, and layer candies again.

7) Sew columns closed and take to the post office and mail. They will mail it just like it is—honest!

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