Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life in My World--Day One

Our six-years-in-the-planning-graduation trip has begun—

So many variegations of green on the drive to Seattle were invigorating after a longish winter. And, it only took 27 years but I finally figured out how to calm Calvin in traffic—play Marty Robbins ballads on the iPod. Like rubbing the belly and patting the head, he can’t seem to curse and sing simultaneously . . . yet.

We spent a fun evening with Cali and Ray. They had a freshly picked bunch of lilacs and a Happy Mother’s Day place card at my plate, along with four tickets to the House of Representatives and the promise of two hours weeding the garden this summer. What a perfect and anticipated gift. Cali fixed a supper of pulled pork, steamed cabbage and brown rice topped with blue cheese dressing. Fresh pineapple and cherries were served on the side and strawberry shortcake was dessert. It was wonderful and so beautiful on the plate. She definitely has the knack for color and texture in cooking. After supper we played a few rounds of dominoes where Cali and I brought up the rear.

Ray and Cali took us to our red-eye flight which ended day one. Almost. There is a woman on our flight that Calvin doesn’t think I should chance meeting alone in the darkened airplane aisle. He said, “I can tell she’s a roller-derby queen and knows how to use her elbows. She’d whip you.” I’m sleeping with one eye on her.


deidra said...

Those red-eyes can be so brutal. Have a great time in DC, my adopted 2nd home!

Jill said...

Kudos for figuring out how to soothe Calvin in traffic. I love this line, "he can’t seem to curse and sing simultaneously . . . yet."

It sounds like Cali and Ray know how to be good hosts already (she learned from the best).

Have a great trip!

Amy said...

Enjoy your trip, Jane...can't wait to hear all of the details!

Kim Sue said...

gifts of service are always delightful - 2 hours weeding this summer will be wonderfully appreciated.

tina said...

Have a GREAT trip Jane!!!

melanie said...

I agree, Cali learned from the best about hosting/cooking/entertaining. The very best!

Traffic, scary roller derby woman. Your trip is starting out great. Especially in the blog department!

Have fun, fun!

Susan said...

Much fun wishes going your way! The kids are going to miss you! (Megan already does!)

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Hmm, Roller Derby lady sounds scary!
Two hours weeding is good, bu make sure they don't do it all on the same day, or they'll be done with the weeds too soon, and just use up the leftover time for nothing! lol
Have fun!

lelly said...

looking forward to your updates! what an exciting time!!