Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Homemaking Tip—Feet that Don’t Fail Me Now


I first met Heather scrapbooking. She is a good writer, whirlwind of productivity and I love and admire her. Heather saw this advertisement in a magazine, made it into her own poem and blog post and encouraged us to do the same. Here’s how my poem would read:

I’m not wealthy, but I certainly feel like it.
I wear sensible shoes so my feet won’t hurt.
I can’t do the splits, or sing in tune or text very fast, but I admire people who can.
I go on regular lunch dates with my husband because they’re cheaper than night dates.
I never hesitate to tell anyone my age because the older I am the more gray hair and pudges I’m allowed.
I celebrate responsibility, enjoy simple things
And always remember my happiness starts with me.

And speaking of shoes, here is my homemaking tip for the day:


Mink oil and saddle soap revive comfortable old shoes nicely. The sandals are close to ten years old and the others are close to five and though they aren’t trendy, I can walk and walk and walk in them with no ill side affects. Thanks to Calvin for cleaning them up for me.

What would your poem say?


Becky said...

"I don't have a lot of money but I am rich beyond my wildest dreams, I rarely wear shoes because I like to feel the earth beneath my feet, I can't do the splits or rap or text but what I can do I do well, I relish every moment with my husband, and I don't hesitate to share my age (it's 30). I celebrate life and God and goodness and always remember that my happiness starts with me."

That was fun! Thanks, Jane! I loved yours as well :)

rebekah said...

i saw the same advertisement and clipped out that poem to post on my bulletin board! i never thought of using it as a springboard for my own poem, however. i wonder what i would say...

HeatherM said...

Jane - I love your poem! And, you turned it into a tip - of course! I can't imagine your feet ever failing you - they wouldn't dare :)

Marie said...

"I'm lavishly rich but I have to stick to a budget. I don't like shopping for clothes, but I'll shop for shoes any day. I can make a pinata, do my daughter's hair, and turn a cartwheel. I make regular to do lists for my husband, but always pay him in kisses. I never hesitate to tell anyone about my kids. I celebrate childhood, participate in making it special, and do my best to capture it. And I always remember that my own happiness starts with me."

Anonymous said...

That is a great poem! I love it. A quick one for me:

I’m wealthy, but not by society standards.
I wear sensible shoes and own more for the different hobbies I have than for the different looks I want.
I can’t do the splits and don't own a cell, but with kickboxing I am getting closer to that split and wish people wanted to talk more than text.
I arrange my schedule around my husbands so I am always available to spend time with him if he has it.
I sometimes hesitate to tell my age because I think being young discredits my opinions.
I celebrate the little things, enjoy life fully and remind myself that being a happy person tends to rub off on those around me.

michelle said...

I love this! And now I'm going to have to think about my own poem. Now if only I could make it look as cute as that one...