Friday, December 11, 2009

Life in My World--It's Almost Christmas

This week was the Day of Infamy. To most that means the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but to me it means the day that Calvin discovered he loved me. One day several years ago I asked him, “Calvin, when did you first know you loved me?”

He got a sick look on his face that said, “I cannot win with this answer. There is no way in heaven or hell I remember when I first loved her, but to admit that will hurt her feelings because she always remembers those kinds of things.” But, Calvin’s not slow-witted, no sir, he quickly said, “December 7th. Day of Infamy. That’s the infamous day I knew I loved you.”

Oh ho. I called him on Monday and said Happy Day of Infamy. He knew exactly which event I was referring to.

We’ve had a fire going in the house and in the shop this week. It’s felt good in both places. More than once I sat down to read and fell asleep. Calvin has a couple of Christmas projects going out in the shop and I love it when he’s working out there. While he’s sawing and sanding, the dog lies in front of the wood-stove to keep him company. He keeps a tin of cookies or cashews in the tool box. It's fun to walk out and visit him often. If I look at it through Norman Rockwell eyes, it’s picture perfect. (If I don’t, well there are mouse tracks, clutter in the corners, spider webs and only Calvin can find anything.)

My to-do list, I’m sure, looks much like yours. Ty called a bit ago and asked me what I had going. I told him I’d read him my list. He suggested I paraphrase it. I read it anyway. He started to laugh and said there was no way I’d finish it. I’m out to prove him wrong. Catching up the blog was on the list.

Speaking of Ty, he is finishing up his finals this week at the Air Force Academy. Between Ande, him and me we have been battling for bragging rights over who has the coldest temperatures this week. So far -34 degrees wins and it wasn’t here. This is what it is like some days for Ty:

The wind is blowing these cadets along. Between the ice, wind and slick-bottomed shoes, it's treacherous.
*ooops. updated to add. I just realized the cadet filming this curses at the end (I've only watched it on silent before now) . Please keep your volume off.

I can’t wait to see Ty. When he returned from his mission this summer, we had two weeks with him before he had to report to duties. Though he frequently calls and e-mails daily, I haven’t seen his face much in two and a half years. It will feel good to be with him.

Ande had an emergency root canal yesterday. She called Calvin from the dentist's chair, "Do I save it or pull it?" She was moaning afterwards and asked, “Do you know how much it hurts?”

I replied there is a reason people say they’d rather go through labor than a root canal. I feel sorry for her. She has finals next week and two of her classes this semester are Shakespeare and Head Drawing. Another class she is taking is an education class from my sister who teaches at BYU-Idaho. This semester has stretched her as she also works two part-time jobs and, like many students, sells plasma for grocery money. She’s ready for a break. I can’t wait to have her home.

Grace spent a couple of days this week making cookies while Abe was out in the field training. We swapped recipes back and forth as she prepared plates to take to their friends.


Abe has really enjoyed learning about and driving tanks. I asked him what kind of steering wheels tanks have. Who’d have guessed? They have handle bar steering. I can’t wait for Grace and Abe to come home.


Cali spent the last week with us while Ray was gone hunting and on business. We had a great week doing and being. Cali set up the nativity while I set up the tree. We also went to Tri-Cities to go to Costco and Craft Warehouse so she could get the things to make her Christmas cards. They are beautiful. It was fun having someone to do all of the little things with like walking, cooking, dishes, visiting. We had a great week.

Ray stopped by in between his hunting and business trip with his brother, Johnny. We got a few good games of dominoes in and some visiting. We sure enjoy having Ray and Cali close enough to get together often. I can't wait for them to come back next week.

Ray and Grace have joined our family in the last year. Abe deploys to Iraq in a few months and in between Abe and Ty's missions, this will be the first Christmas in five years we’ve all been together. It will be a poignant (which is not to be confused with poinsettia) Christmas.


Michelle said...

as always - beautiful post Jane - reminds me to be thankful for family and time together at the holidays and that some things on my list may not get done but people and memories are more important - thanks for being you as there is none like you!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Sound like you will have a great Christmas!
I love to see family and I can't wait until that part of Christmas is here.
Hug Grace for me!


I feel almost like I am have quite a gift for story telling. You so have touched my daughters lives, the smile when they talk of you. I am still in awe of your early morning spirit. Have a Merry Christmas! What a wonderful gift family is...THE BEST GIFT OF ALL!!!

Carolyn said...

We are all going to be together this Christmas too! I am quite excited.

Barb said...

Chloe asked me this week when is the anniversary of our first date. Sorry, honey. No idea. It's probably recorded in a journal out in the shed. What I shoulda done is made up a Day of Infamy on the spot - she was horrified I didn't know.

Julie said...

I'm so excited for you to have everyone together! I love watching Steve while he's working on projects in the garage. One day he'll have a shop too. How fun! Give everyone a hug for us too. I'm glad we are not in Colorado right now.'s balmy in Norway compared to that!

Deanna/Mimi said...

What a precious, beautiful life you have. Your family is beautiful and so are you. Your blessings just keep coming and coming. That is what happens to people who have been giving and giving of themselves. You truly deserve the best. Have a wonderful family is our most treasured gift and to have a family like yours is a treasure so rare. Hugs

Jill said...

That top photo of you and Calvin is a great one! You two seem to have such a good relationship.

Even though the kids are grown and gone much of the time it must be so nice when they come home because they actually want to stay home now rather than be off with friends all the time eh?

I hope you're planning on taking a lot of photos of the whole family. Do you know how to work your self-timer?

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

Oh, I can't wait to show the boys the tank picture - I will be the best mom for a few days, for sure! We watched "The World's 10 Toughest Tanks" on the History Channel a couple weeks ago, and it's been battle upon battle in the house ever since. The boys will be so impressed that I know people the know a tank driver :)

Becky said...

I feel exhausted after reading this (or maybe I was tired already?).

I read my to-do list to Jeff yesterday and, smart man that he is, he just smiled and then quickly changed the topic (giggle). Catching up on my blog is on the list and I still haven't really done it!

I love reading about the many places your children are (in life and geographically).

michelle said...

I have had two root canals, so NOT fun.

I love the banter between you and Calvin so much! Happy Day of Infamy indeed.