Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Memories--BYU Fine Arts

Amazing how Thursday slips into Friday which gets swallowed by Saturday and eaten by Sunday and then we’re back to Monday again.

One thing I loved about college was going to the choir concerts. I clearly remember a Christmas concert presented by some of the specialty choirs at BYU-Provo. One of the bonus features of the night was from an elderly gentleman who came out on stage booming in a rich, deep voice, “The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy.” I’ve never forgotten what I felt when he sang. Years later I discovered that voice was the voice of God on The Ten Commandments, and the white haired gentleman was my friend’s grandfather. I’d have asked him to sing that song to me every day if I’d have been his granddaughter. And with a voice as deep and powerful as his it would have drowned mine out so we’d have sung in perfect harmony.

Today I received the link “Joy to Everyone This Christmas”. It’s a BYU Fine Arts production. It is a happy, feel-good tune just like the one I heard so many Christmases ago. But this one has pictures instead of a memory. If you haven’t yet planned a family home evening lesson for tonight, this short video clip could bail you out.


Christopher Jackson said...

Hey Sister Payne! It's Christopher James Jackson... Im new to the blogging world, it may be girly but it's sorta fun. You should check my blog out and help me get started. Hows all your seminary classes going?

Christopher Jackson said...

OH its

Emma J said...

Oh, Jane, I've got tears on my cheeks - thanks for sharing this!

michelle said...

How I love your memories, Jane!