Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tricky Tuesday—Something to Smile About

Today’s suggested topic was to post a joke or something funny. As you know, comedy is all about timing and I’m terrible with time. But, I can laugh and smile easily so I’ll share some things that recently made me smile:

We live on a gravel road that makes a mile loop. One day last week Grace, my niece Rachel, and I went on a walk. After two miles I asked Grace, who still throws up on occasion, if she wanted to go one more lap or call it good. She said, “How about if we start walking and then we can turn around when we get tired and come back if we need to?” Rachel and I agreed that was a good idea and started back around for the last mile. When we got nearly half way Grace said, “How about we hit the half way point and then turn back around again?”

I laughed and said, “That’s sounds good . . . or we could just finish it out since we’ll be half way home.”

Grace hit her forehead like she always does when she says something funny or is a bit embarrassed, then laughed that infectious laugh of hers and said, “Oh geeze, that reminds me of a blonde joke my dad always used to tell me. He always tells me blonde jokes.”

For the next hundred yards Grace entertained me and Rachel with her dad's jokes. I thoroughly enjoyed it for I have only one joke in my repertoire and Grace's were all new.

Self Portrait Tuesday’s Topic is “How’s the Weather?”

We had misty weather today. It was perfect for jogging—cold enough I had to keep moving and a light cooling mist when I did get going. Whenever conditions are near perfect, like today for instance, I can’t help but attach a monetary value to it: “I’ll bet they have to pay big money to have misters like this in important races," I thought, "But today, for me, it’s FREE! I get to experience it for free without being in an important race. I’m so lucky.”

This afternoon I stopped at the grocery store to get a couple of gallons of milk. As I was loading our groceries into the trunk, a lady who was parked near me came by with a bouquet of yellow roses and her groceries. She appeared to be a simple, older woman with thinning teeth and long hair. The back of her pick-up was loaded with neatly boxed and strapped belongings. She smiled a great big warm smile and, pulling a rose from her bouquet, said, “Here. I’d like to give you one.”

I said, “Really? For me? I’d love one!" I expected her to ask for a donation, but she didn't. She just insisted I take it.

I thanked her again and told her how much I appreciated it and then asked her again if she was sure she wanted to give me one.

She said, "Yes. It's for you."

I smiled, and she smiled again then leaned a bit closer and said, “Pass it on someday.”

And then she climbed in her pickup with the rest of her groceries and bouquet. As she pulled away she smiled and called out the window, “I hope you have a happy day.”

I did.


Deanna/Mimi said...

Oh Jane, I loved your stories. I laughed with you about your walk and my heart was touched about your story of the lady and the yellow rose. You will have to use both of those stories in your teaching. I truly loved them. I am still smiling over Grace and still smiling about the yellow rose and the angel that gave it to you.

Marie said...

Oh, Grace! We all have moments like that.

The yellow rose lady made me smile. Love Random Acts of Kindness.

deidra said...

What a pretty bracelet. It's so chic!

We're having a gorgeous morning here, definitely a morning for a job! I love it when the weather works out perfectly.

How nice to get an unexpected rose from a stranger. Sometimes I think about doing things like this, and then I feel like people might think I'm weird (okay, more for people I know than to strangers). But really-- who doesn't want flowers?! They can make a whole day better.

deidra said...

A jog, not a job. Though I suppose it would be alright weather for a job, too.

Sigh. I hate typos!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Oh my, Grace...I probably would have agreed with her and turned back! Hahaha!

I am glad someone gave you, a most deserving woman, a flower. What a compliment.

michelle said...

That made me smile, too!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Life is always better when we have our rose colored glasses on. I was thinking that day that it was too cold to take Emree outside and I went to Safeway and thought about what a hassle the grocery store can be with kids lol. As for running (I really hate it!) Guess it is time to pinch myself and be more positive. Love you!

Grace said...

Yes.. thank goodness we all have our moments! That's why I'm not too embarrassed.

How sweet of the lady to do that. I love running into nice people. I'm glad someone did that for you. That would have made my day too!

Kelly said...

That was the happiest thing I've heard all day. I think you passed it on!

Rachel said...

Don't worry Grace. It took me a few moments to process what you said too. Aunt Jane was too quick for both of us.

Jill said...

I love the story of the yellow rose!