Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well Fed—City Life

Cali loves a project.

We’re visiting Cali and Ray this weekend.  Calvin is helping Ray build a mantel.  I’m moral support, which means I’m making cookies.

I measured the shortening into the mixing bowl and added the brown sugar and eggs.  Ray’s request was gingersnaps . . .

. . . but I couldn’t find any molasses in their well-stocked cupboards.  None.  (Funny to think molasses was a staple in pioneer homes while sugar was the luxury, now it’s ten times the price – molasses is 25 cents an ounce and sugar is 2.5 cents an ounce.)  I tried to think of other cookie recipes that might have the same ingredients, in the same proportions of those in the mixing bowl, when Cali mentioned something about running to the store.  Store!  What a novel idea.  I forget that when you live in the city, stores are an option.

And while I went to one store, I might as well go to another just because I could.  I browsed the clearance and found monster mash for $1.24.

It’s going to be pilgrim mix as soon as I cover the label with some fall-red leaf paper that I have at home, add a tag, a pilgrim or turkey embellishment, and a raffia bow.  I also found a bling snowflake.  Grace taught me the power of a just a little bling and this snowflake will provide it on a scrapbook page of Cali and Ray’s winter wedding.  Add a few baby and Christmas gifts that I picked up, and well . . . store's are handy.

I’m telling you, staying in the city has perks . . .

well-manicured lawns
pizza delivery
no flies        
no dust
and a bakery just down the street

Can’t get better fed than that. 


deidra said...

I love a good Target bargain! For the first time in my life I live in a city with one. I came to realize it's really just another big box store, so I've been avoiding it. Though I went this week for some baby shower stuff and found some great deals. Guess it's good I avoid it, because I'm good at finding deals!

I love molasses! Luckily a little goes a long way. I think I've only bought two or three (big) jars since I got married. If only I could say the same about sugar. Guess I'm just supporting the father-in-law and the sugar beet industry!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

The other day I wanted to ad a little to a meal that was missing a side. I remembered that I lived just a few minutes from Panda Express and so I zipped down there to get myself some Chow Mien to go with our meal... It did come in handy.

However, there is so much to be sad for the peace that the country brings!

michelle said...

I've never had Monster Mash, but it looks like something I could get behind.

I had to laugh over you not thinking to run to the store to get molasses. Totally different mindset, I guess!

I try not to go to Target too often, because it's just too easy to spend a bundle on all of the inexpensive things I find. But I would hate to live without one!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Agreed. It is very nice.

Cali said...

I thought this post was very ironic... because you did nothing but make us "well fed." Literally and not so literally. I love you mom. You are a very influential and lovely woman... Lady I should say.


Becky said...

You forgot to mention museums, big libraries, and they symphony. :)

We live in a nice area where we get a pretty good mix of country but only live 15-20 minutes from downtown Phoenix. It's nice to pick and choose a bit of what we like from both the city and the country.

It made me laugh that you didn't think to go to the store! :)

Julie said...

I loved this post because you are "moral support" which means you make cookies! I love that! After that I just wanted to see a picture of the mantel after it was done. Finished product!? I love a project and I love living in the country too. I guess I'd better if that's what's in my future, huh?

Jill said...

It's so interesting to think of it being unusual to be able to run to the store for something. I have 3 Wal-Marts within 2.2 miles of my house in different directions.