Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Memories – Run Jane, Run

Today the spring sports practices started at the high school.  Just hearing the announcement made my stomach tie a quick granny knot.  For while I loved competing in high school fall and winter sports, I d.r.e.a.d.e.d. the spring sports, especially track; but I was expected to compete and meeting expectations was my high school goal.  Funny how after all these years, even the mention of track still makes me quiver.

That stripe around my calf is not a garter, it's the red stripe on a pair of
nylon knee socks with sprung elastic that are falling down.
They always fell; perhaps because I often stuffed a stick of gum,
a comb, and lunch money down inside of them.
Obviously, we can see that one of the reasons I was not fast was that I
paid more attention to things like my socks falling down or how much my
side hurt rather than how fast I was going.  

Pictures can be deceiving, for even though I won the 440-yard-race in this picture, I was s-l-o-w.  This picture doesn’t tell you it was the slowest heat.  The only way to explain the win was the advantage from the functional, feathered, aerodynamic hair.  If I’d had the pretty mane that the girl behind me was sporting I could never have won -- too much resistance.

All this to say spring sports have begun . . . and I feel such relief I no longer participate.  Jog Jane, jog.


Deidra said...

Go Wildcats! :-)

I get giddy thinking about spring tennis. I never played, but went to a lot of matches in my day. Spring tennis equals longer days and the idea of warmer spring temperatures!

Kathy said...

Your post reminds my of our daughter Danielle. She is a musician, music runs in her veins. She can play any instrument and does the most creative things with, around, and through music. However, she was somewhat lacking on the sports end of things, and since both Glenn and I were involved in sports at her age, we encouraged (ie. forced) her to take track one spring. She hated it, she got sore, sick, miserable. Her misery transferred to our misery! Needless to say, it was an ignoble experiment.

Cali said...

Since Ray won't comment on here, I'll just tell you what he said when he saw this post. Look at the Flashy Filer Filly run. Not as funny written, but I know you can hear the admiration in his voice. He also commented that one leg of your shorts was getting dangerously too short and wondered if you had a wedgie. Few details get past him...

I personally liked your commentation on your socks. I'm so glad you wrote about this memory. I hated track too... that's why I only did it for 2 years in middle school. Jog Jane, JOG!

michelle said...

I'm curious as to why you were expected to compete. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I was not expected to compete in track! (or any sport, really)

I got a good giggle about your aerodynamic hair! My hair is so heavy, I'm pretty sure it's never been aerodynamic. One more reason to be glad I was not in track.