Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Memories – A S’mores Basket

A couple of times our family went to the mountains to cut poles for fences and corrals and Mom and Dad made camping trips out of them.  During the day the big people cut down the trees while the little people played.  At night the big people and the little people sat around the fire and cooked marshmallows.  I must have been pretty young because I don’t remember many details, other than Dad unhooked the seats out of the trucks and put them around the fire for chairs and I didn’t know you could unhook seats.  The other thing I will never forget was the marshmallow in my brother Tim’s eye.  One night his marshmallow caught fire and he waved the stick, fanning the flame.  That burning marshmallow fireball shot straight from the stick to his eye and stuck.  He began to scream as the blob burned.  Mom hurriedly cleaned and dressed his eye while she and Dad discussed whether or not we should load up and take Tim to the doctor.  It was late at night and we were hours from a hospital.  To pack up the tents, food, and bedding (remember we had a big family), plus the pole cutting equipment (not to mention none of the vehicles had seats in them) would have taken a lot of time.  My folks decided that Tim would probably be okay by then and that we should stay.  Tim had a blistered, swollen, discolored eye the next morning and he wasn’t much fun to play with after that. 

Today our family hardly ever roasts marshmallows without me retelling that story.  It’s my duty to warn and re-warn them of flying marshmallows.

And . . . since seeing different s’more options at Your Homebased Mom, I feel the duty to pass that on, too.  Last Friday the Page’s, Ty and Michelle, Joe and Ande, and Cali came.  We have a great time with the Pages.  

Calvin grilled steaks and we ate outside then played nine holes of golf in the back yard.  Later in the evening we roasted marshmallows for s’mores.  

A basket of different flavors of marshmallows, graham crackers, and candybars makes s’mores more than a social food, it actually makes them good!  (The almond joy s’more was my favorite.)

Dallin, Kathy, Jayna

What’s your marshmallow story?
What’s a s’more combination you think would be good?  


Jill said...

That basket of s'more supplies is such a happy sight to see! Randy's favorite candy bar is an Almond Joy so having that made into a s'more would be Nirvana for him!

Angie said...

When I make s'more's I like to use the fudge striped cookies. it gives the cookie and the chocolate taste with a little less mess. and it's delicious!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

um can I come to your house for smores? i have never had one with anything other then a plain ol marshmellow and the hershey's chocolate. But have you seen those GIANT marshmellows? We call them marshmellow pillows, we had smores with those memorial weekend and let me tell you they were good but they were MESSY!!!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I think a strawberry marshmallow with chocolate s'more would be divine!

P.S. Yipee, we get to see Grace and Abe today!!

Cali said...

My s'more story is about you (my mom) always reminding us not to swing our flaming marshmallow around because it might fly off the stick and land in our eye and that's dangerous. I think it sticks out most because it is so uncharacteristic of you to worry about us getting hurt. You've always been more of the do-it-and-find-out-what-happens kind of parent.

That was such a fun evening. Good food. Good entertainment. Good company. Great location... I LOVE your/our yard in spring and summer.


Ande Payne said...

Those really were the best s'mores. What a good hostess you are.

melanie said...

Today I want a fire pit with a basket full of treats for s'mores like that. Yum!

A couple years ago I wasn't wielding a hot marshmallow but instead my cold, empty roasting stick. It got stuck in Shaila's hair and left a big glob of sticky goo. The bathroom where we were camping had 2 bats in it so we never showered (only 2 days). We tried getting it all out but instead, it became the camping joke!

katles said...

My mom has all kinds of peppy little anecdotes she's shared in the past: "One time Grandma had a really bad sunburn she didn't watch carefully, and it developed into impetigo. So, you know, watch that sunburn of yours." Things like that.

My sister and I camped together last Maine and we made s'mores with Ghiradelli chocolate squares. YUM. My favorite were the mint ones. Looks like you all had good fun!

katles said...

*last summer in Maine*

The caramel ghiradellis were also amazing. And the peanut butter. Heck, they were all delicious!

michelle said...

Whoa! We always stick to the basics for s'mores, now I see there's a whole world of possibilities out there. (I think I would swoon over an Almond Joy variation.)

I can't even imagine a hot marshmallow stuck to someone's eye! No wonder he wasn't much fun to play with after that!