Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's This, That, and the Other

While we were in Colorado the kids took me to a running store to buy new shoes.  Make no assumption, I’m not a runner, but I do trot along and my feet hurt, so they bought me some new shoes for Mother’s Day.  The first feat at the store was to learn how to jog on a treadmill so the saleswoman could see what kind of shoes I needed.  I never did conquer that treadmill.  Baby steps on my tip toes was the only way I could stay on it.  I think I have watched far too many cartoons where the character gets slapped on the treadmill and whips around and around as it goes faster and faster to ever trust a treadmill.  After repeated attempts to lengthen my stride, the shoe specialist finally said she’d seen what she needed and relieved me of my embarrassment.  She said I ran very correctly J (she was one good saleswoman) meaning that I don’t run on the outsides of my feet.  Several shoes later (I kept saying, “Could we go just a little bit wider please”), we came up with a pair of men’s Brooks, double-E width shoes.  She had me take them out in the parking lot and run in them.  Abe went with me.  Those shoes were so light I even attempted a couple of heel clicks which made Abe laugh and simultaneously scold me that I might fall on the asphalt.  It felt good to have the roles temporarily reversed.

I cannot tell you what a difference those good shoes make.  Before, I’d think, “If I could only take ten pounds off of each leg they wouldn’t be so heavy to lift,” but magically those shoes removed the weight and my legs aren't heavy now.  What a relief.  I stink at dieting.
Ty and Michelle have been here the last couple of days.  Ty doesn’t report to his Air Force base in Maryland until the end of July so they’ll stay in Washington until Cali and Ray’s baby is born (the baby is due on Ty’s birthday and he’s still trying to convince them to name it Tyger).  It’s so fun to have Ty and Michelle here.  They are very companionable and compatible and bring out the best in each other.  Today Ty was sorting through his tub of childhood possessions.  Oh.  It was sad.  He had tiger postcards he bought at Yellowstone when he was eight or nine years old and he finally threw them away.  I’m a tosser so it’s not like I could tell him to save them, but I wanted to.  What for I don’t know, but I wanted to hang on to every last little boy memento that he tossed in the trash – even wolf cards.  As he sorted we watched the DVD that Ty and Michelle made from pictures of their lives.  It made my throat burn seeing those growing up pictures– through their babyhoods, childhoods, young adulthoods, college-hoods, and missionary-hoods.  The DVD ended with wedding pictures at the temple.  It doesn’t make one bit of sense how I can miss their pasts when their present and future is so exciting and inviting.  No mother in her right mind would wish today’s happiness away for yesterday’s uncertainties.  But somehow seeing those little boy and little girl pictures made me miss yesterday no matter how bright tomorrow is.  The morning Ty and Michelle got married Brian (Michelle’s dad) said, “I woke up so nostalgic this morning and then I’d get excited for what was ahead and I’d be okay until I remembered her as a little girl and then I’d lose it again.”  Today was like that – a happy day with nostalgia (it was those dumb tiger cards) – so I did the thing any respectable mourning mother would do and played Neil Diamond while I fixed supper.

. . . and reminded myself that "the best is yet to be."

Do you have a pair of magic shoes?
What triggers nostalgia for you and who would you feed/drown your nostalgia with?


Cali said...

The better question to ask is, "What DOESN'T trigger nostalgia." Not to make you miss those dumb tiger cards more, but remember how they (Abe and Ty) filled up their bulletin board in their room with those zoo postcards and a picture of Captain Moroni? Remember the trip to Utah (Monte L Bean Museum) to get those cards? Remember how you read Misses Pigglewiggle on the way down to us? Remember how we had earned the trip down there because we'd finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family? Remember that mixed tape that we listened to on the way down with Sons of the Pioneers, Marty Robbins, Frankie Lane, and Patsy Cline? I can write a novel about just that single trip... my memory is hanging on to those memories so tightly that I'm not sure the nostalgia will ever go away... just keep multiplying as I get new memories to add.

Yup, I always have a pair of magic shoes. My most magical pair is always my newest pair. I love shoes. Once the magic starts to fade, I know it's time to get a new pair... luckily my magic lasts a few years.

Cali said...

That was a long comment. Maybe I should have just called and told it all to you. Actually, I guess I didn't even need to tell you all that. You already KNEW it.


Vicki Sabin said...

I'm so glad I read this post! I'm feeling those twangs of nostalgia as my youngest is ready to start his senior year next year! Yikes. Where have the years gone. But you're so right - the future has so much to offer too. So thank you for the reminder. I've been feeling like I've been put out the pasture lately (moo moo!) so I need this boost.

melanie said...

I already get nostalgic thinking of all that's happened in just 10 years of being a mother. I'm extra emotional these days because again, this post made me weepy. The best is yet to be, I really need to remember that because these kids growing up does make me wish it would all last just a bit longer. I can see it going so, so fast.

Ande Payne said...

I love your blog. And you. I just thought you should know.

Speaking of nostalgia and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. I read a chapter of it yesterday...it made me miss our "va-vervan."

michelle said...

Hey, maybe I should come up with a great reward for our family getting through the Book of Mormon! That might really work. And why didn't I think of that?

I'm so glad you got some real running shoes. Good shoes make all the difference.

I am feeling totally nostalgic now as well. It is always so bittersweet looking at pictures of the children and remembering when they were small. And I still have a 6 year old! I can't imagine the weddings. But I think Brian has it just about right.

Becky said...

Ditto to the first part of Ande's comment--I love your blog!

I am, in general, just a super-sappy, sentimental, nostalgic kind of girl :) It's probably the main reason I love scrapbooking and blogging so much.

I love that you listen to Neil Diamond...that makes me think of being in the car with my mom as a little girl, running errands (she also listened to a lot of Kenny Rogers so oddly enough I can't think of one of those singers without thinking of the other!).

Samantha said...

I agree with cali- what DOESN'T trigger nostalgia? One of my college roommates told me "you are my friend for memories and nostalgia. I don't think I know anyone who gets as much mileage out of history."

I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. I loved your post about Ty's wedding and graduation. Amazing. It left me with 2 questions- how do you play werewolves? And did I miss this- how did ty and michelle meet?