Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life in Our World - 13-13-13-13-13-13-13 of 2013

Atlas (sent in by Ray) - Benjamin Button... his hair is receding, he has hairy
ears, a big gut with no butt, and wears a diaper. I guess life is a chiasmus.

Ray - What one does... so does the other.

Levin:  Joe, Ande, and Zeph dropped by for a minute on their way
to meeting up with some friends. 

Levin: "I go JoeJoe Ande?"
Cali: "Tempting, but I don't think they have room for you."
Levin: "Waaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Cali - (Jane speaking here.  Cali wrote and said there was little proof she
existed today and wondered if I had one in the archives she could use as
a substitute.  Here is one of my favorites from a couple of weeks ago
of Cali making a fresh raspberry pie)

Ande - On the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Zeph showed how much he
loved the ferry by sleeping the whole time.

Zeph - Post bath time. He loves taking a bath.
He alternates between splashing and laughing and total relaxation.

Joe - III and IV asleep. Ande thought she was the one who needed a nap.

Grace - Having a great visit with my mom and Grandma Jean in Atlanta, GA.

Grace - Reading a story about my Grandpa Duane that ran in a local paper a couple years ago.

Afton - Catching rays with Uncle Dallin

Michelle - Coming down the waterslide, Afton flipped around about halfway down,
and this photo is the result. Followed by some tears.

Ty - We had a lot of fun today.

Jane - We took care of Vincent, Sava, Willie, and Lavinia today.
The kids helped me pick beans and raspberries and played miniature golf in the yard.

Calvin - Helping Sava shoot a bow.
(Jane speaking here. Calvin was like the Pied Piper with these kids today.
They followed him wherever he went. If he was spraying weeds, they followed behind him in single file. 

 If he went in the shop, they followed him in (except Lavinia. She was afraid girls weren't invited into "The Boys' Club" 
and waited patiently 'til Calvin told her it was okay to come inside.   
If Calvin got a drink out of the hose, so did every one of them.  
It was pretty sweet, yet comical to watch.  
A time or two Calvin was tempted to go to town to lose his shadows, 
but pulled out the bows for them to shoot instead.  They did it for hours and begged for more.


Ande said...

Yay! I was waiting all day for this!

abe said...

Great pictures everyone!

Jill said...

I love it how Levin follows and mimics Ray, it's so sweet (though possibly daunting for Ray).

I think Calvin would be the ultimate Pied Piper to follow!

Cali said...

These were great. I'm still laughing JUST picturing the Afton videos. Especially the one once slide. This was great mom. Where are you? It's okay to have more than 13 pictures you know 😉