Sunday, April 6, 2014

52 Blessings - Instagram

Calvin and I miss not having the kids close.  We are very grateful that they have good lives where they are and that we see them as often as we do, but sometimes we still like to imagine that they live a half mile away and the grandkids can skip to our house (after they finish crawling of course).

With two sons in the military and two sons-in-law whose businesses aren't represented in our town, neither hopping, skipping, nor jumping to the grandparents is going to happen at this house.

But, what we do get most days of the week are pictures and videos via Instagram.  And for that technological nicety and luxury, we're cognizant and grateful.  It's the next best thing to them being here.

Michelle:  Eliza and her hero.

Ande:  Zeph put all his waffle pieces in his bib pocket to hid them
and is only eating the whipped cream.

Cali:  Because a sweet potato can never have enough holes and little boys love to stab stuff.

Grace:  Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world today!
#henryloveshisdad   #7weeksold

Abe:  He's got his mama's eyes.

Ty: If you give a girl a bow....she'll ask to wear all of them.


melanie said...

You have the cutest little grandkids. Six! I like to imagine them skipping to your house too. I bet Dan would greet them with a lick instead of a growl.

Rachel said...

I'm so grateful for your instagram too!! It makes me feel like I have friends who like to visit and share. I just love it. Truly - it's a huge blessing.

Rachel said...

But wait! Where's Humpty's helmet??

Jill said...

How great to get these daily snippets!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Melanie, as a matter of fact, Dan does like them. I keep telling him every day, "Dan. Melanie is my friend. No more cornering her in her car. Okay?" Next time you come he plans to be a gentleman.

Rachel, I agree with you. Completely. And Humpty's Helmet made me laugh. That is exactly what it is.

Jill, remember when blogging was so much more popular than it is now? Instagram helped it to die, don't you think? One of the great things about iphones and instagram is it's doable, whereas blogging was too overwhelming and time-consuming for our kids once they had their own little kids. I'm glad we have it, even though I still enjoy blogs.