Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meet Kathryn.

Kathryn is Ty and Michelle's third daughter. She is Ty's mini-me and Michelle's sidekick. Michelle wrote this oh-so-accurate description of her.

"Kathryn is my little buddy. She makes me laugh with all of her funny quirks. She is happy-go-lucky and loves to do everything her big sisters are doing, whether or not that's actually a good idea. She's the perfect mix of being spunky, passionate, easy to please, fiery, cuddly, adventurous, happy, intense, and sweet. She loves to laugh and tease. She's been talking a lot more lately and it's so fun to be constantly surprised by the words she knows and ideas she understands. She's also recently become (finally!) interested in books, and her favorites are Little Blue Truck, Pout Pout Fish, and a knock knock joke book. I'm actually having a really hard time explaining her because she's just such a unique little person that I feel you can't truly get a taste of what she's like without spending some time with her. She really is a true joy. She brings me a lot of peace and strength that I didn't know could come from simply being loved by a special little girl. At times, when life is stressful with our three little girls, Kathryn being born just a month after Afton turned three, I remember how strongly we felt that she needed to join our family, and realize that Heavenly Father knew we needed a little girl who would be our super glue. She is absolutely wonderful and I love her."

Kathryn does not know the word "can't."  She is thoroughly convinced she can do what every one is doing -- never mind they're a foot taller or one hundred pounds heavier.  

One of my favorite things about Kathryn is her determination and ability to imitate what she sees. Another favorite is her raspy voice and clear enunciation.  I love how she clinches her legs around my waist so I can carry her and she can be a part of everything.

I'm so grateful for families and determination and laughter and hope . . . and Kathryn Cali.

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