Friday, April 7, 2017

Meet Hazel.

Hazel is Abe and Grace's daughter and the second newest member of our family.  Grace wrote this sweet snippet:

"Hazel has a colorful and fun personality.  Some of her favorite things include hugging and kissing her stuffed animals, she loves babies, kisses, being "pretty", helping mom around the house by putting everyone's shoes away and doing the laundry, climbing on everything, and pestering her brother, Henry.  She also needs to know her mama is always in sight or you'll hear her yelling 'MAMA!'"

Hazel does a lot of smiling and she does it with her whole face: her eyes sparkle, her nose curls, and her teeth show.  She's very feminine, until she laughs.  She has the deepest, throatiest, most masculine guffaw not fitting her feminine nature.  You can't help but laugh when you hear it.  

One favorite memory is rocking Hazel for over an hour listening to "Bring Him Home" by the Piano Guys.  She was fast asleep and I just quietly rocked, and marveled at her, and cried.  

I'm so grateful for families and inspiring music and rocking chairs . . . and Hazel Grace (and her sweet little hands in the picture).

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Heather Williams said...

That little Hazel is a doll. She's lucky to have Abe and Grace and a sister in heaven with the sweet name of Clara. Please tell Grace hello for me:)