Monday, April 17, 2017

Seventeen + Pictures for the 17th of April 2017

Each month every one in our family takes a picture of their ordinary life on an ordinary day.  It helps us to stay connected as a family and watch each other grow and change.  It's a wonderful little tradition.  I'm grateful for my family.

Abe:  Tomorrow is Grace's birthday but she has a meeting so we
celebrated tonight.  Henry helped her blow out the candles.

Afton: our next door neighbor's dad made him a pedal bike airplane,
and I got to test-drive it

Ty:  Afton gave me this picture of Little Critter's family.

Atlas:  Our new bike trail has lots of cool stuff on it.

Levin:  riding on the bike trail by our house.

Calvin:  Scooping manure out of the steer pen.

Eliza: our family is working on being more grateful.
Today I drew some pictures of things I'm grateful for,
and tried to remember to say thank you a lot.

Grace: tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I'm feeling old.
I am far from ever being as flexible as Hazel.

Hazel: loves saying "cheese" for the camera and giving a big toothy grin.

Henry: counts the days down to family night.
Here he's showing off his trick jumping as
far as he can to dad.

Jane:  After a very fun and fulfilling Easter weekend with Ray, Cali, Levin, Atlas, Abe, Grace,
Henry, and Hazel, this was the only sign they'd been here -- a very saggy, baggy Pooh tossed
on top of the piano.  He seemed to miss them as badly as I did.

Kathryn:  Mrs. Potato Head

Cali:  Slowly but surely we're getting settled in our new home.

Michelle: My incredible husband gave me some delightful
kid-free time today so I could go on a refreshing run
down by the airfield this morning.

Ray:  Lifting Levin up to retrieve someone's birthday balloons out of a
tree at the park. We didn't have them more than a minute before he lost
them. Easy come, easy go.

Winnie: How I do the pool -- in the stroller sucking on a pineapple spear.

Ande: Zeph and Ezra trying to encourage Winnie to crawl.

Zeph and Ezra: The picnic started out sweet and ideal. It ended with me (Ande)
 spraying them off with the hose, giving a lecture about not rubbing
peanut butter on our bodies and being wasteful,
and watching a YouTube video about hungry refugee children.

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