Wednesday, May 24, 2017

17 Pictures for the 17th day of May of 2017

Ty:  I became a flight commander today.
This is a corner of my new office.

Michelle: I didn't get a picture of myself on this crazy day
(see Kathryn's picture for one of many examples why),
but this picture is about how I felt. And not just at the end of the day.

Afton: Just some light reading before bed

Eliza: I've decided not to sleep during nap time anymore,
even though I'm usually asleep by the time
Mom or Dad leave the room at night.

Kathryn: Today Mom learned that shaving cream is
the best method for getting nail polish out of carpet.
Abe: Our house is officially on the market.

Grace: At Mc D's while people look at our house!

Henry:  Getting out of the house while a potential buyer visits

Hazel:  Playing at the park with dad.

Joe: Ande is leaving for mutual.
Clothes are optional while we watch a movie.

Ande: Our theme for camp is Be of Good Courage.
We chose this (something I drew a couple years ago
for a lesson on the armor of God) to be our ward flag.

Zeph: waiting for mom's help with Legos.

Ezra: playing with Winnie through the window.

Winnie:  She can officially crawl and is now aware of just how many
toys she didn't have access to before she became mobile.

Jane:  Reminding my students they must not only know (head) and feel (heart)
the truth of the Doctrine of Christ, but also apply it or do something with it (feet).

Calvin:  Anchoring Jane's Mother's Day present
so it won't blow over in the wind.

Another month of family living has come and gone and I recognize that so much of what I have is because of the efforts of others.  I'm grateful to my family today and the family that came before me for giving me so many opportunities and people to love.

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MJ said...

Can I share your image-quote at the end about ancestors?